Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Firearms Taken in Gun Store Burglary

The goblins have found that stealing an SUV and using it as a battering ram works pretty well against burglary bars and the like. Usually they use the SUV to crash through the window or wall of a mini mart type store and steal the ATM. This time they used one on a favorite store of mine, Military Gun Supply.

Police and federal agents are investigating whether a burned sport utility vehicle containing what might be charred guns was involved in the break-in early Tuesday of a business in east Fort Worth that specializes in surplus military firearms.

The break-in occurred at Military Gun Supply at 3815 East Loop 820. An alarm was sounded at the business at 2:35 a.m., said Lt. Dean Sullivan, Fort Worth Police spokesman.

When officers arrived they found the front of the store smashed inward, probably the result of a vehicle driving into the front of the store, he said. Store employees have reported several firearms were taken, including possible assault-style weapons, Sullivan said.
"...including possible assault-style weapons" I guess the police Lt thought that would make the story more interesting?

Carl Walker, ATF resident agent in charge, said that store employees were making an inventory of missing items to help complete the investigation.

"I'm concerned with any gun, whether it be a .22 or some fancy assault rifle, if it ends up in the hands of people who want to do violent crime," Walker said. "We intend to work as quickly and efficiently as possible to get these things recovered."

According to a police report, the stolen guns included one AK-47 pistol, three AR-style pistols, and five AR-15 rifles. There was also an estimated $5,000 of damage to the building, police said.
On my way in to work this AM, the radio news reported dozens of AR-15's being stolen. It is pretty obvious that the goblins knew what they were going after, and just as obvious that they did not know much about the firearms they grabbed.

From CBS 11:

Police Look For Burglars Who Hit Gun Supply Store

Authorities believe the three men who used a boulder to break into a military gun supply store knew the store layout and targeted the assault weapons.

After reviewing surveillance video, authorities watched as the trio used the back bumper of a Suburban to push the boulder and break through the front door.

Once inside, the men raced to the assault weapons and left – in less than a minute – with 10 to 15 semi-automatic assault weapons.
It appears that all they grabbed were firearms, no ammo and no magazines. MGS is where I purchase my .45 and 9mm range ammo. If the goblins had thought about it, they could have easily walked out with as many cases of 5.56 and 7.62 as they could carry. The magazines would have taken a bit longer, but could have been had.

Of the hundreds of firearms on the walls, all they grabbed were these few black rifles. A terrorist cell making final preps? Gang bangers upgrading their arms inventory? Some guys out to make a quick buck on the black market? MGS appears to have pretty good security and it does not sound like these were the most professional of goblins. Hopefully we will have answers soon.

One last thing... what the heck is a "semi automatic assault weapon"?

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Criminals can't _steal_ guns! If they do, then all those fancy laws don't do a thing!

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