Friday, June 08, 2007

Is This Sarcasm, or a Recommendation?

This first time I read the following letter to the editor, I thought "Wow, this guy is an idiot". The second time I read it I thought maybe he was being sarcastic. Now I'm just not sure, but leaning towards my first reaction. This guy is an idiot.

From the Journal Gazette:

By Jerome A. Welch

Congratulations to the city of Fort Wayne on the smoking ban that took effect June 1. Think of all the lung cancer that will be prevented.

Now let’s take on the gun problem. Make it illegal to possess a handgun within the city limits. Law enforcement personnel initially could be allowed to carry guns, but eventually even that would be unnecessary. Think of the homicides that will be prevented. Britain and Japan have very strict gun laws. Their homicide rates are a small fraction of ours.

Three cheers for Councilman John Crawford for persevering in a noble cause. And three cheers for former mayor Paul Helmke for his efforts to control guns.

First, smoking bans have never been about public health. Smoking bans are about property rights and the right of a business owner to allow the consumption of a legal product on the premises of a business establishment.

As to his recommendations about firearms. His idea is not even worth fisking, hence my thought that he may be attempting sarcasm. In the even he is not, I will make one little comment.

All I have to say to this:

Think of the homicides that will be prevented.
is - Think of Washington D.C.


Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

I think the poor, confused moonbat is serious.

Let's hope he doesn't reproduce.

John R said...

"Let's hope he doesn't reproduce"

Or vote

Fits said...

Besides all of the other lunacy this dolt overlooks...hey, his mommy named him Jerome...Neither Britain nor Japan were intentionally turned into enclaves of murdering minorities just so's the liberals could have slaves once again. The Brits are experiencing one crime wave after another, and all the Japanese do is kill themselves so I guess thats cool with Jeromey.