Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Lead by Example Mr. Vice President

So Vice President Biden believes that the best means of defense for a woman home alone is a double barrel 12 ga. shotgun.  He also believes that stepping out the back door and firing a couple rounds into the air will deter any and all home intruders and potential rapest. 

If you have not yet seen it, here is VP Biden on his home defense recommendations:

Ignorant at best, and information that could not only get someone arrested, but get them raped and killed at worst.  Quite seriously, a load of crap.

This is not the first time Biden has recommended a shotgun as the preferred defensive weapon. 

I have an idea.  Vice President Biden;  If you honestly think that shotguns are the most effective and efficient defensive firearms, then lead by example.  Ask your Secret Service detail to remove their semi-automatic hand guns and fully automatic rifles.  Demand that your Secret Service detail arm themselves with only 12 ga. shotguns, preferably the double barrel type that you recommend for the rest of us.  Seriously, if a shotgun is adequate to defend myself and my family, then it is adequate to defend you and yours.

Oh, this means the mini guns in the SUV's have to go also.

Lead by example Mr. Vice President, I dare ya.

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