Saturday, December 02, 2006

Went to a Gun Show Today

Went to my last gun show of the year today. It was the Big Town Gun Show in Mesquite. Big Town is one of the better gun shows here in North Texas. I arrived earlier than usual and got a good look around before the crowd filled that hall. By noon the place was packed, and the gun dealers appeared to be doing good business. Lots of paperwork getting filled out, and smiles on both sides of the table. Vendor pricing at the show ranged from good to pretty darn steep. There were several tempting choices for me, but with six grand babies and Christmas on the way I had to refrain. I did pick up a new El Paso Saddlery leather belt, some new manufacture SS 109 (ammo) and spoons for my AR15, and a Kimber Guardian Angel for my wife. All in all not a bad day at the gun show.

Gun shows like the one I visited today are very high on the anti gunners hit list. The anti's are working hard to do away with gun shows. "The gun show loop hole" is a phrase that has entered the American psyche over the last few years. The anti's and the media attempt to portray gun shows as places that are separate from federal, state and local firearms laws. That simply is not the truth. There is no such thing as a "gun show loop hole". All firearms transactions that occur at a gun show are subject to the same laws as any other firearms transaction in that state. So what is the real purpose behind the anti gunners agenda to close "the gun show loop hole"?

The anti's do not want to just close a gun show loop hole, they want to close down all gun shows. National legislation outlawing private sales of firearms and requiring waiting periods for all firearms purchases would severely hamper the ability of gun shows to exist. Closing down gun shows would be a major victory for the anti gunners, and they know it.

Gun shows are a major part of the gun culture, and they are very important part of maintaining our knowledge of firearms. Yes, folks can grumble about the vendors asking too much and offering too little. But at a gun show you can not only look at, but handle firearms from around the world and across the centuries.

This particular show had everything from the ultra modern FN PS90:

And a Barrett M82A1:

Barrett M82A1

To a beautiful 1903A3 (not an image of the actual firearm, went to gunbroker for the image)

A 1903A3 off of

And quite a few Mausers and Mosin Nagants from all over the world. There were also a couple Swiss K31's. There are not many places with such a wide selection of firearms as a good gun show. Without venues like these, folks may never get exposed to such accurate and inexpensive firearms as the Swiss K31, or see in person the wide variety of modern firearms available today. If you are deciding on a handgun for self defense, a gun show is a great place to go and actually handle your different choices and help you find the firearm that fits you best.

Gun shows also help to pass the firearm tradition from father to son (in my case daughters). I was standing at one table looking at I forget what, when a young man around 11 or 12 handed a rifle to his father, and reminded him to be safe while he was looking at it.

If the anti's are successful in closing gun shows, they will be successful in doing away with an important means of passing on our firearms heritage.

My eight month old granddaughter assisted with this post. She likes trying to help me type.


Fits said...

I do so envy you Texans and your gun shows. While Florida is quite gun friendly, there's nowhere near the sort of shows you folks get to see on a regular basis.

Last one I went to here featured overpriced Colts that had been through the grist mill, and tons of beef jerky stands. Since I am always on the lookout for another gun and prefer to give my business to local shops and shows, they are just poor businessmen to let me and my ilk walk out the door without purchasing anything, because my kind of buyer WILL pay a little more, and be back for more if we only get a reasonable deal.

Hells bells but there were Hi-Points on this one table going for $250. Used. There weren't two of them together I'd have parted with that money for, and I'm always switching vehicle guns and probably would have taken home a couple if the sellers weren't so bloddy greedy.

Rant over.

Anonymous said...

Jr., come on, there's got to be other things in life that interest you besides guns?

Anonymous said...

How 'bout the ballet?

sweettness said...

too cute about the granddaughter helping you type..:)....cop out for the typos I think.j/k Are all your daughters as passionate about "guns" as you are? just curious is all...

John R said...

fits - We do have some great gun shows. We also have vendors that are a bit too proud of their wares, but for the most part pricing is good. The smaller, out of town gun shows have some great deals.

mudkitty - Yes Ma'am, I have lots of interests other than firearms. I just use this venue as my small part in fighting the soft war against the erosion of our rights and privileges.

Ness - Number 3 daughter is the most passionate about shooting. She did very well in a state shoot while in H.S.

Anonymous said...

But you spend more time on this issue than on others. You know, there's a reason it's the second amendment, not the first.

The title of the blog is "A 45 and a Keybord." So wjy not hightlight some first amemdment issues as well as other Constitutional issues. It seems to the average reader that you're ONLY concerned with the second amendment to the exclusion of all others.

After all, what's the point of a gun, if there's nothing to protect other than the right to weild a gun?

Anonymous said...

Sorry - Anonymous was me. See why you don't want me to have a gun? I can barely type!