Monday, January 14, 2013

The War of Words

I think we've lost it.  While we quibble over the definition of Assault Rifle or the difference between a magazine and a clip, the Anti's are garnering public support for draconian anti-gun and anti-freedom legislation.  Do you honestly think that the  President of the United States, or Eric Holder (Head of the Justice Department for crying out loud) don't know that an AR-15 is not an Assault Weapon?  The Anti's have been at this for decades.  Josh Sugermann and the Brady Bunch know the difference between a clip and a magazine just as well as you and I.  I'll bet they get a chuckle each and every time one of us call them out on the misuse of terms.  We argue over terminology, they use soundbites to turn the Orwellian public against us.

It may help our cause to explain these issues to less educated gun owning Americans, but it really does us no good in the grand scheme of things.  The same uninformed public that Voted Obama into a second term as POTUS will enable him to get a large chunk of the legislation he is after.  They don't care if the gun on the news is a full auto BAR or a poodle shooter semi auto.  All they see is the Evil Black Rifle.

Obama does not have to run for election again.  Obama could care less about the political future of anyone on the Hill, he will throw them all under the bus to accomplish his goals.  Obama has spent a good chunk of his adult life fighting against the Second Amendment.  Fast and Furious was a gun control gambit.  Our Justice Department facilitated the transfer of well over 2000 firearms from American gun shops to Mexican drug gangs.  The increased violence on the Mexican side of the border was to be the impetus for stricter gun control laws here in the United States.  Over 300 people have been killed by ultra violent goblins using these guns, many thousands live in fear of these drug gangs.  Two things hindered this plan to use the violence in Mexico as a cause to restrict our rights.  First Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry was killed by thugs using Fast and Furious guns, and second, Bloggers David Codrea and Mike Vanderboegh forced this issue into the public eye.  Do you think an Administration and a Justice Department who would do something as atrocious as Fast and Furious would hesitate to use any other means at hand to take our guns?

So stop bemoaning the fact that the media calls your AR-15 an Assault Weapon, embrace the fact that it is an Evil Black Rifle and stand up for your rights no matter what they call it.

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Rustmeister said...

I hear ya! I gave up on clip vs magazine some time ago.

To me, though, the distinction between assault rifle vs "assault weapon" is an important one. The trick is articulating it in a simple manner.