Wednesday, February 13, 2013

A Hoplophobe Oenophile

I enjoy cooking.  I do about 95% of the cooking at Casa JR.  V does weekend breakfasts and I pretty much cook the rest of our meals.  I like to try new recipes and techniques.  I watch cooking shows (really bummed that Good Eats is no longer in production) and use iPhone apps to find new and interesting things to cook.  My favorite app is Epicurious.  You can find and save a recipe for just about anything you want with that app. 

I also enjoy wine.  I like drinking wine, learning about wine, trying to pair the perfect wine with a meal (or vise versa), and sharing wine with friends.  I am a member of a nice wine club in Fort Worth, and have tried memberships in several mail order wine clubs.  Mail order wine clubs really don't work out so well here in Texas.  By the time a red wine hits your door via UPS, the heat has affected it.  I really kinda hate pouring wine on the compost pile.

The other night while reading email and enjoying a glass of K Vintners "The Hidden", a 2009 Syrah that gets a very enthusiastic JR seal of approval, I opened my Epicurious wine newsletter; The Sip.  The subject line of this email read "Drink, Point, Shoot-Are You Kidding?" What I found was a juvenile diatribe against the NRA's new wine club.
Wine Clubs Gone Wrong

There are more wine clubs from leading companies these days than any of us can keep track of. The Wall Street Journal Wine Club, The New York Times Wine Club, the Zagat Wine Club, to name a few.

But the NRA Wine Club? You have got to be kidding us.

Talk about wine clubs gone wrong. No matter what your interpretation of the 2nd amendment, and even if there is high overlap between those interested in hunting and fine wine, why the NRA would seek to enhance its revenues and notoriety by associating itself with alcohol is beyond us. In an era where the gun policies of this country are under the highest levels of scrutiny, to promote the consumption of wine alongside the shooting of weapons seems like a PR stunt gone wrong.

While The Daily Sip® is not an overtly political publication, this bit of wine news just seemed too shocking to ignore.
So according to this idjit, gun owners should never drink wine?  The NRA is wrong to be associated with "fine wine"?

He really believes that if we get an order of wine in the mail we are going to pour it into a Dixie Cup and go out tearing up the town.  What an ignorant ass.

This really does go to show how little these anti's understand who we are.  If this writer thought that maybe doctors, lawyers and successful business folk also owned firearms, they would never write such drivel.  Maybe he should interview a few members of Graileys Fine Wines & Wine Cellar in Dallas and see what they thought about his views?  These are folk who enjoy very fine wine, and pretty much very fine anything including firearms.

He did make the offer to "Do you agree or disagree with our perspective? Tell us below."

So if you feel like giving him an earful, head on over.

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