Thursday, September 24, 2009

A New Gun Show This Weekend

Well, new to me anyway.

This Sunday I will be working a table at the Texas Gun and Guitar Show in Hillsboro. From all accounts, this is a pretty nice show. Heck, they even put on a Saturday Night Party and Jam

I will be there on Sunday helping to increase the membership of the Texas State Rifle Association and the NRA. I think I'll bring along the Gun Blog .45 and maybe my AR (A Mixmaster Dissipator) to attract folks to the table and get them interested in joining.

Click here for directions. Hope to see you there.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Taking Shape for Life - an Update

It has been three weeks since I last updated you on my weigh loss progress. At that time I weighed 204.5 pounds. I now weigh 193! An 11 pound loss over three weeks this far into a weight loss program is just plain awesome. That is pretty much the only way I can describe it.

I have lost 80 pounds since Memorial Day, that is Memorial Day of this year. I am very happy with my progress and excited about this weight loss. V's kinda excited about the new me also.

I am just 3 pounds shy of my goal weight of 190 lbs. At my goal weight I will have a healthy Body Mass Index for the first time since my time in the Navy. I will no longer be counted amongst the obese or overweight of America.

If you are interested in losing weight, in achieving the same success as I have achieved, shoot me an email (address is in the profile) or head on over here.

Yes, this is for real. And yes, you can do this.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

It Has Been A While...

...since I was over at the Blackhawk! web site. Since I've lost all this weight, I have a few things that I need to replace. One is a duty belt that can now go around me and one of my grand kids. My Instructors Gun Belt is also too large as are my old 5.11 pants, shorts and various concealment shirts. It is time to start on my new wardrobe.

Blackhawk! is doing something super cool now that will save me some big money as I replace my now too small other brand pants. They have a Trade Up Program where you can trade in your non-Blackhawk! pants for a 50% credit on a new pair of Blackhawk! pants and shorts. I may have seen this promotion before, but now it hits home. I can save some money (this makes V extra happy)!

Another cool thing I found on the Blackhawk! site is the Serpa Quick Disconnect System. This video with Chuck Buis demonstrates the system:

I still think Chuck has the best possible name for someone in this industry. Oh by the way, Hey Chuck! If you end up reading this, V wants to know when you guys are going to make a Serpa for her Hi Power?

Blackhawk! has a lot of cool stuff, more than ever. If you haven't been to the web site in a bit, now is as good a time as any to head on over.

Friday, September 04, 2009

The Texas State Rifle Association Has...

...a new Executive Director.

AUSTIN - The Texas State Rifle Association has officially relocated from Addison to Austin. As the state affiliate of the NRA celebrates its 90th anniversary, forty thousand registered members from across the state have two major developments to follow. Not only has our headquarters traveled south on I-35 from the metroplex to the Capital of Texas, but a new Executive Director has also been named to take the association forward.
So who is this new Executive Director of the Texas State Rifle Association? Mr. Charles Cotton. Charles is a civil trial attorney who has been working with the TSRA on legislative matters since 1985. He is the Vice Chair of the TSRA Legislative Committee, proprietor of a very active Texas CHL related gun board, and NRA Board Member. I am acquainted with Charles having met him at Friends of NRA and TSRA Foundation banquets, legislative committee meetings in Austin, and over drinks with James Dark at the NRA Annual Meetings in Louisville.

Charles is a very strong supporter of our Rights to Keep and Bear Arms. His knowledge of the legislative process here in Texas and the relationships he has developed with gun owners and legislators alike will make for a strong foundation supporting him through his tenure as Executive Director. The TSRA made an excellent choice for this leadership position.

Right now the Texas State Rifle Association is 40,000 members strong. It should be triple that by the next legislative session. If you are a Texas Gun Owner, you really should be a member of the Texas State Rifle Association.