Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Heading Out

At 0200 we are going to be hitting the road. We are heading up to Loveland Colorado, I have a daughter getting married. She has been with her soon to be husband for 6 years now and it is about time they tied the knot. He is just about perfect. When they were dating in high school I was hoping that he would be the guy for her. He knows several trades, works hard, and takes very good care of my girl. Now only if I could talk them into visiting Texas a bit more often...

I doubt I will be doing much in the way of blogging, so this may be my last post until Monday or Tuesday. Well... I might hop on if I get a free minute over the weekend.

Remember to keep the pressure on the Senate, that Illegal Alien Amnesty Bill has got to go.

Illegal Immigration News From the Sidebar

What the folks on my sidebar are saying about yesterday's Senate vote:

Shooting the Messenger comments on Our Vast Immigration Backlog.

ACE is working hard to get the word out. Truer words were never mispoken points out a presidential Freudian slip and reminds us that we have Two days to change five votes.

The Barking Moonbat Early Warning System gave us a blow by blow or yesterday's Cloture Vote.

Texas Fred targets the Illegal Immigrants Targeted in Debate.

Ken over at The Liberal Lie, The Conservative Truth points out the arrogance of our representatives with Senate Immigration, (AMNESTY), Bill Revived .

The Liberty Sphere gets to the point with It's Back--Immigration 'Compromise' .

The Ten Ring posted My Email to Senator Judd Gregg.

Traction Control points out the Amnesty Republicans and The 64 Pro-Amnesty Senators.

Not one of these fine folks supports the Illegal Alien Amnesty Bill.

This is a small blog with a small voice. When enough small voices join together, that voice becomes a mighty roar. We have one last chance to put a stop to this bill. Call your senators today, call the GOP at all levels. Let them know that this will not be forgotten.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Crass Commercialism

Now you have to admit, that is much better than any real estate infomercial.

Blatently filched from the Lawdog Files.

New shooter, going to the range with me? Read this.

Paul Simmer of Too Lazy to Fail has written an excellent pre-range briefing for new shooters.

He has pretty much covered all of the bases without overwhelming the new shooter with too much information.

Thanks to Xavier for the link.

This is probably a good time to remind everyone that if you are in or around the DFW Metroplex, and have never been out shooting, I would be more than happy to spend a day at the range introducing you to firearms. My email address in listed in my profile.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Another Newspaper Exceeds the Bounds of Common Sense

The Sandusky Register of Sandusky Ohio has joined the ranks of news organizations that have placed citizens lives in jeopardy. They have published a listing of local CHL holders.

This time, they did not post addresses, just a list of names. That is still an abuse of their privilege. CHL holders have many reasons for obtaining a CHL. Some get a CHL due to a direct threat, others just because it is the right thing to do. This paper has just notified an offender that the potential victim is armed, they have just escalated the violence of the attack by the goblin.

Many, if not most, CHL holders have not told their friends, acquaintances and co-workers that they carry a firearm. The decision to protect yourself is a private one, unless you happen to live in Sandusky Ohio. There is a possibility that being on this list will get a person fired. An anti gun supervisor reading the name of an employee on this list, even if the employee does not carry at work, can take action against the employee.

Publishing this list of CHL names is just plain wrong. This paper has made a conscious decision to endanger the lives and livelihood of the folks it pretends to service.

A very large thanks to The Liberty Sphere for bringing this latest bit of journalistic malpractice to our attention.

For a more in depth discussion, check out LIBERTY ALERT! Paper Publishes Names of Gun Owners

Also commenting:

Say Uncle

Update -

Thanks to an anon commenter, we have a link to the Buckeye Firearms Association article on this mess. Sandusky Register Editor Matt Westerhold Declares War on Gun Owner Privacy. This is an in depth article that includes a bit of history on the editor who decided to run this story (this is not his first attack on CHL privacy) and how it came to be that state law allows this to happen. This article is well worth the read.

The article also led to this political cartoon, from the very paper that published the list of CHL holder names:

Click Here For Larger Image

It seems the paper's cartoonist has a better handle on the bag of worms that was opened with this story than the editor does.

And some people wondered why we (Texas) needed HB 991, a bill to ensure CHL confidentiality.

Good Job Guys!

It is always a pleasant surprise to find news such as this, not a single negative remark to be found.

From the Herald Citizen:

By Ashley Bergthold

COOKEVILLE -- Top Guns, a locally-owned gun shop in Cookeville, has seen some changes take place since the first of the year. The business got a new partner, expanded its product lines and was recognized as a top dealer in Tennessee.
Adam West opened Top Guns in March of 2006 and in January of 2007 William Horner became West's business partner. Both West and Horner were avid gun enthusiasts before becoming owners of the store...

... Top Guns was recently recognized as a Smith and Wesson top gun dealer. According to West, there are only five dealers recognized by the gun manufacturer in Tennessee. The recognition goes to Smith and Wesson top volume dealers, which is based on total gun sales.
It looks like they are doing something right. Good job guys, keep up the good work.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

What is Wrong With This Picture?

The District Attorneys in the State of Texas consistently oppose any legislation that seeks to give the free citizens of Texas expanded legal rights to defend themselves. Most recently they worked very hard to derail the Texas Castle Doctrine legislation. I attended the Criminal Jurisprudence Committee's public hearing on HB 284, the Texas Castle Doctrine/Stand Your Ground law, and the several representatives of the DA's testified against the bill. I posted commentary on that hearing here. Not only do the big city District Attorneys oppose a citizens right to protect themselves at the State House, some of them even ignore current law. The DA of Harris County is most notable for this. Two years ago the legislature changed the traveling laws in an attempt to make it clear that the people of Texas had a right to carry a handgun in their vehicle. The legislature did this by amending what is referred to as the "traveling law". To make a long story short, the Harris County DA told the police to ignore the traveling laws and arrest anyone found with a concealed handgun in their vehicle that did not have a CHL. There is a bit more to it than that, but you get the gist of what I am trying to say. The DA's of Texas, especially the metropolitan DA's want to disarm the citizens of Texas and prevent them from defending themselves from goblins.

Wish they would spend more time worrying about goblins such at this:

From the Star Telegram:

By Martha Deller

DALLAS -- An Alvarado man has been sentenced to nearly 22 years in federal prison without possibility of parole in a multistate drug-trafficking conspiracy, according to U.S. Attorney Richard Roper. Juan Antonio Iruegas Jr., 41, pleaded guilty in March to one count of possessing a firearm in furtherance of a drug-trafficking crime. Acting on an informant's tip, authorities raided Iruegas' home, where they seized firearms including an illegal sawed-off rifle, scales, packaging materials and other items consistent with the distribution of methamphetamine. They also found a monitor with live camera feeds showing roads to his residence, according to a news release. Iruegas, who was on state parole when arrested, was sentenced in federal court as a career offender because he has been convicted of multiple felonies, including murder and burglary of a habitation, and has admitted to being a member of the Texas Syndicate gang, the release said.
So, this goblin was on "...state parole when arrested" and "...he has been convicted of multiple felonies, including murder..." Mr. District Attorney. Stop worrying about me and my guns. I am an employed taxpayer, a voter, a homeowner and a free citizen of Texas. I need to carry a .45 every time I leave my house because YOU allow goblins such as this to roam free. YOU put my family and loved ones at risk with your plea deals, early paroles and light sentencing for violent offenders. You help to create some of the problems with the violent gangs with your revolving door justice that releases young gang bangers back into the communities so they can be an example of how to get over, no matter what they do. Yes, you finally got this goblin off the streets. But if you had done your job sooner, he would not have been on the streets to begin with.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Fun With the Brady Bunch

Marsha McCartney, the leader of the Brady Bunch in Texas, is staging another anti gun protest. This time the protest is in DeSoto, a suburb of Dallas. They will be doing the 32 people dressed in black laying down in a parking lot protest that seems to be all the rage these days.

A Brady Bunch protest is not something I would normally comment upon, but the layout person at Pegasus News has a great sense of humor.

This image and caption was next to the article:

Photo not provided by the Brady Campaign, Dallas Cowboys

"Someone needs to put a waiting period on these guns"

Now that is some funny "editorializing".

If you are interested in reading the article:

More on Immigration Reform

From News 5 (Phoenix AZ)

PHOENIX -- A 46-year-old woman lost her leg Tuesday night and later died after she was hit by an undercover Maricopa County sheriff's deputy who was trying to stop another car.

Phoenix police said the deputy saw a man later identified as Guadalupe Perez-Borjorquez, 26, throwing beer cans out of a moving car. When the deputy pulled up next to the car, police said, Perez-Borjorquez started ramming the deputy's vehicle.

Police said the two vehicles continued swiping each other as they made their way down Durango Street.

Perez-Borjorquez later admitted he was using maneuvers he learned by watching American TV shows, authorities said.

Near 27th Avenue, the deputy's vehicle collided with another car.

Police said the deputy suffered minor injuries and burns, but the woman driving the car was taken to St. Joseph's Hospital in critical condition. Her leg was amputated at the hospital and she later died, according to police.
You know what is coming next.

Perez-Borjorquez faces aggravated assault and second-degree homicide charges.

The sheriff's office said information gathered by immigration-trained deputies revealed Perez-Borjorquez has entered the U.S. illegally at least five different times and has been deported five times.

Deported five times? Does anyone else see a problem with this? One of the few duties of Congress is to protect our sovereignty. Instead of demanding that Homeland Security, the Border Patrol, INS, and state police enforce the rule of law, they are debating a bill that would legitimatize folks who entered this country illegally. This bill would legitimatize Perez-Borjorquez's presence in the United States. Does that bother you? If so, contact your senator and demand that he or she vote against the upcoming cloture vote on the immigration bill. We desperately need to keep this bill from coming to a vote in the Senate.

There are a few senators who are doing the right thing:

From the Houston Chronicle:

By Julie Hirschfeld Davis

GOP Seeks More Immigration Enforcement

Texas Sens. John Cornyn and Kay Bailey Hutchison and Georgia Sens. Saxby Chambliss and Johnny Isakson have all said they would oppose the effort, despite the fact that proposals by Hutchison, Chambliss and Isakson all won coveted slots on a list of two dozen amendments that would be considered before the bill is completed.
A note thanking these senators for their support would be appreciated. They are going against the Administration and the GOP to do what is right, and they should be commended. A vote for cloture is a vote for this bill. A few senator's with an R behind their name are planning on voting for cloture and then vote against the bill itself. If the cloture vote passes, the debate is ended. The Dem's own the Senate and they have enough votes to pass this bill.

Close the borders. Enforce current law. Then discuss immigration reform.

Thanks to Matthew (a reader) for the article from Phoenix.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

3 men sought in Arlington neighborhood

When I left for work on Monday morning, I found my garage door open. I mentally shook my head and made a note to remind my wife to make sure the garage door is shut before she comes to bed (She smokes and sometimes takes her last smoke in the front yard via the garage). When I got to my truck, I found that it had been broken into. The contents of the glove compartment and console were strewn around and the truck was a mess. The only things stolen were a checkbook, a winning scratch off lottery ticket, and my garage door opener. Nothing was taken from the garage, probably because there is not much room to get around V's Jeep in the door. We thought it was probably kids because my Maui Jim sunglasses were just tossed in the seat and left behind. I usually have two full magazines in the glove compartment, but they were in the house following Sunday's day at the range or they would probably have been gone also.

Reading tonight's news, it appears that kids may not have been the culprits.

From the Star Telegram:

ARLINGTON -- Arlington police were using dogs early Thursday to search for three men in connection with burglaries in an area near Indian Trail and Mayfield Road.

Police were investigating a burglary on Woodside Drive in southwest Arlington, when they received a call about a burglary in the 2700 block of Jewell Drive. They arrived in time to see three men speed away in a green Ford Explorer.

Police chased the vehicle, which fishtailed, went off the road and crashed into a metal gate that abutted a vacant lot in the 3500 block of Indian Summer Lane.

Police chased the men, who fled on foot and jumped a nearby fence. Police dogs searched for the men but lost their scent at a creek, officials said. Police found two lawnmowers, two saws, a weed trimmer, a baseball bat and a cellphone in the Explorer, which was not reported stolen, officials said. Police said they believe the items came from more than one home.
This is my neighborhood. Maybe I'll get my garage door opener back and not have to install a whole new unit.

Lesson learned: Having the remote to your garage door clipped to your visor is convenient, but a bit of a security risk.

The Liberty Sphere: Second Amendment News Roundup for 6/21/07

The Liberty Sphere has started a daily Second Amendment News Roundup with links to blog commentary on Second Amendment issues.

Today's post:

The Liberty Sphere: Second Amendment News Roundup for 6/21/07

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Dig unearths Americas' first gun victim

Those dastardly guns, claiming victims as long as 475 years ago.

The whole story here.

Grannie get your gun

In the State of Texas, 17,256 people age 60 and over received a CHL in 2006. That is almost 28% of all the CHL's issued during that year. The oldest person to get a CHL in '06 was 92 years old. On a side note, we had seven 19 year olds receive a CHL this past year. The age group that had the highest representation was age 59, which received 3.08% of all CHL's issued in '06. The demographic reports for calender year 2006 (up through October) are to be found here.

Why did I bring this up?

It seems that it is news that our older citizens are armed in Ohio.

From the Plain Dealer:

By Joe Guillen
Grannie get your gun

Even at 69 years old, Russ Geis has enough vitality to bike through Stark County's remote nature trails.

He said the .380-caliber handgun on his handlebars will ensure he's doing it at 70.

Geis is among a growing number of seniors licensed to carry a concealed firearm. Because of the way the state collects such information, it's hard to determine exactly what portion of concealed-carry permit holders are 60 or older. However, some local permit data and anecdotal information indicate they have steadily packed heat since the state's concealed-carry law passed in 2004.
The article goes on to highlight a few other seniors who have accepted the responsibility for their own self preservation. As Mr Geis stated:
"You are out in a park, riding a bicycle trail and all of a sudden you're confronted by a drug addict who would kill you for $5," Geis said. "Are you going to sit there and say, Boy, I hope the police show up?'
Now from the anti's:
But gun-control advocates say society is safer with fewer armed citizens, not more. Senior citizens are no more at risk of being attacked than any other demographic group, said Toby Hoover, executive director of the Ohio Coalition Against Gun Violence.

Also, despite the vulnerability older people might feel, there is a "code" among criminals against attacking women, children and the elderly, said Lt. Reginald Eakins, who's in charge of the division of the Cuyahoga County Sheriff's Office that issues concealed-carry licenses.
What a load of crud. Who is the local crack head going to rob, the 25 year old 6'1" runner, or the 65 year old grandma? Predators attack the weak and frail, it is a fact of life. I do not know who these folks are trying to kid, but it is not working.

Later in the article:

The Cleveland area has had a spate of high-profile attacks on seniors. Two seniors were killed in the city's Slavic Village neighborhood in recent months, including the March beating death of 78-year-old Joseph Krasucki.
What about that "criminal code" Lt Eakins?

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

La. Boy, 17, Grabs Gun, Foils Carjacking

Some news articles just trip my trigger.

The following is an article about a 17 year old who took action when a goblin attempted to car jack his Mom at a fast food drive through. This young man did a great job and should be held up as an example of what can be done to protect yourself and your family.

The AP does not see it that way.

From the San Francisco Chronicle:

A 17-year-old boy foiled an attempted carjacking, wrestling a gun from a would-be robber and shooting him after the man grabbed his mother, authorities said.

Carl Chestnut, wounded in the head and torso, will face armed robbery charges once he is released from East Jefferson General Hospital, Col. John Fortunato, a Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office spokesman, said Monday.

The 53-year-old woman, whose name wasn't released, and her son were in the drive-through line at an Arby's Roast Beef Restaurant early Monday when Chestnut, 44, walked up and pointed a gun at her, demanding their money and the car, Fortunato said.

When he leaned inside, trying to yank the mother out of the car, the 17-year-old grabbed the gun, Fortunato said. He said it went off once as they struggled, but did not hit anyone. Once the youth got the gun, he shot Chestnut several times, Fortunato said.
Good job.
Sylena Rhodes, a corporate officer for Arby's, said, "He saved his mother's life. He's a hero. He's an absolute hero."
Not everyone sees it that way:

While acknowledging the gamble succeeded, authorities stressed that it's safer to cooperate in such a case.

"Give them the money and give them the keys," Sheriff Harry Lee said. "You make an insurance payment on your car, and nobody gets shot."
I disagree. These are the same folks who would recommend that a woman "cooperate" with her rapist to prevent further injury.

First: All to often we read about, or watch the news story about, the victim who was shot, stabbed or beaten even though they attempted to cooperate.

Second: It is the duty of a free citizen to resist violent crime in any way possible. To cooperate with a goblin is to embolden that goblin. Cooperation empowers the goblin and makes it easier for him to strike again, each time becoming even more violent. Resist, even at the risk of personal injury. Resist, fight back, cut the goblins crime spree short.

That advice goes counter to some state laws that require a citizen to retreat, cower, capitulate and cooperate with an attacker before finally taking action. States such as this consider their citizens to be subjects, not free citizens with individual liberty.

Finn Aagaard wrote a great article on this subject:

An Interesting Site

Have you ever tried to explain a proper sight picture to new shooters, and have them just not seem to get the idea?

Mr. Christian, from over at the Barking Moonbat Early Warning System, found an interesting site that may help. has developed a target simulator that I think will go a long way towards showing new shooters proper sight alignment. There are both basic and advanced options for revolver, pistol and rifle. In the advanced areas, you can set the sights to match what is on your pistol or revolver. The rifle in this simulator uses target sights and you can play with aperture settings to find what works best for you. You can even set how steady you hold on target to match your natural movement.

It is pretty interesting and makes explaining sight picture much easier.

To check it out, go here.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Range Report

The monthly .22 rifle long range silhouette match that was scheduled for this morning was cancelled due to rain. It has been raining on and off all weekend. The shooting bays are covered, but the ground was soaked and we would have torn up the range setting and resetting targets.

Since the match was off, and it was still raining, I decided to go to the Winchester Gallery Shooting Range in Fort Worth and shoot Sailor Curt's postal match. This is an indoor shooting range that is a part of the Winchester Gallery Gun Store.

This simple postal match became a lesson in humility. Basically, I blew it. T.J. would be pretty disappointed in my performance.

To shoot the match I used my carry pistol and ammo, a Kimber Carry Pro II and Federal 230 grain Hydra-Shok's. The first target was acquired from the low ready position. I fired a double tap at the first target, reloaded and fired a double tap at the second target. The sad part of this exercise is that I was slower than when I shoot plates or silhouettes, but still had a poor showing.

E Postal Match

This pretty much proves that I have let some basics slide while at the range. I've obviously been doing too much playing and not enough working.

All total, I put 270 rounds downrange today. This is the last 50:

Last Target of the Day

That's 50 rounds on about a 3/4 second cadence at 7 yards. We'll blame the fliers on the sweat in my eyes and fogging safety glasses (yeah that's the ticket, foggy glasses)

This E Postal Match had one very good end result. It pointed out an area where I need to re-focus my attention.

There is still time left to shoot this match. Head on over here for instructions and targets.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Good News For One Firearm Manufacturer

From WPRI Channel 12 Eyewitness News:

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (AP) - Gun maker Smith and Wesson Holding Corporation reports record sales and earnings for the just ended fiscal year.

The Springfield-based company reported a nearly 49% increase in sales over the last fiscal year to almost $235 million.

Net income was almost $13 million.

CEO Michael Golden called the results "an incredible year."

The record results were driven by a 50% increase in firearms sales
That is some pretty good news. I'll bet a few anti's are having a conniption over this one.

After posting this I had to go check out the Foolish Forecast on Smith & Wesson:

What management says:
All the chambers have been loaded for Smith & Wesson as it continues its remarkable turnaround. While it seemed difficult to imagine improving on fiscal 2006, which saw revenue rise 27% and profits soar by 67%, this year has been another bull's eye for the legendary gun maker. Over the first nine months of the fiscal year, revenue was up 43% on the strength of a 46% increase in firearms sales. The January acquisition of Thompson Center Arms gives the company immediate firepower in the $1.1 billion longarms segment. Add in new and renewed police contracts, and you're staring down the barrel of a very formidable rival.

President and CEO Michael Golden, who has targeted the turnaround that began in 2004, noted the gun maker has taken aim and delivered on or near the mark. "We have delivered healthy, profitable growth in our core business and have entered all of the major long gun categories within two years of our decision to enter that market."

What management does:
Smith & Wesson has been able to consistently improve margins by keeping expenses in check. Gross and operating margins have been rising at a steady rate, and net margin, while also improving over time, has been subject to more volatility. Branding opportunities have spread the company name to markets that should bolster and expand its reputation -- like sponsoring a NASCAR team that runs at International Speedway (Nasdaq: ISCA) and Speedway Motorsports (NYSE: TRK) -- while introducing its weaponry to new and younger customers.
I wonder what part their new AR-15 (The M&P 15) played in this increase in sales?

Thursday, June 14, 2007

I'd Rather be Alive and Safe Than ...

Thanks to Xavier

If you click the right arrow after the first clip, you will see what the Boston Police recommend women do to protect themselves. I am with the young lady in the first clip.

A firearm is the one tool available to all women that can be the deciding factor in an altercation with one or more rapist. Becoming proficient in the use of a firearm is the key. It is very difficult to rape an armed and trained woman.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Police officer's death thrusts knife crime into spotlight

Awhile back I wrote "The Brit's, A Foreshadowing of our Future?". It was basically a short commentary on the knife laws in London, and some of the measures the Brit's are attempting to get knives off of the streets.

Well, it does not seem to be working.


The death of a police officer today has thrust knife crime into the spotlight once more.

A brutal series of stabbings of mainly young people has left many parents fearful for the safety of their teenage children.

The stabbing today has been a further reminder of the grave dangers faced by police officers attempting to carry out their day-to-day duties.

Figures published last year showed that the number of people convicted of carrying a knife or blade in a public place had reached record levels.

Home Office statistics showed 5,784 people were found guilty of the crime in English and Welsh courts in 2004 compared with just 3,511 in 2000, a leap of 65%.

It was also disclosed that the number of children found guilty of the specific offence of carrying a knife on school premises had doubled from 18 in 2000 to 37 in 2004.
I am a bit confused here. Great Britain has very restrictive gun laws. These gun laws are supposed to have reduced violent crime, yet the violence continues?

What are the Brit's to do?

The widespread concern about knives has prompted a debate on how to tackle knife crime.
That's it. Have a debate.

This is what the U.K. has done so far:

A knife amnesty last year resulted in more than 100,000 knives being handed in to police forces in England, Scotland and Wales, and was hailed a success by ministers.

But a report by the Metropolitan Police suggested that such amnesties would not have a long-term impact on reducing knife crime.

An eight-week amnesty run by the Met over summer last year achieved only a slight dip in knife-related crime, with levels returning to normal within weeks, the review found.

Such amnesties were also criticised as a strategy by the Centre for Crime and Justice Studies, a charity based at King's College, London.

Given that there are some 22 million households in England and Wales, the knife amnesty held between May and June last year may only have succeeded in removing a tiny fraction of knives that might be used in crimes, it said.

The Home Office has countered such criticism by staying that amnesties are only one element of a three-pronged approach of prevention, education and enforcement measures for tackling knife crime.

In March, Home Secretary John Reid announced that data involving knives would be recorded separately as part of a package of measures to tackle the use of such weapons.

He also said the Government will improve facilities to allow the public to pass on information about knife crime to the authorities.

Teachers or security staff are also able to search pupils for knives and other offensive weapons without consent, under a new law which came into force at the end of last month.

The law follows powers allowing schools to use screening devices, such as metal detecting arches and wands, in a bid to protect students from knife crime.
Sound familiar? Same 'ol song and dance the anti's are doing here to stop "gun violence", with the same results.

Well heck, if all this has not worked, maybe they should come up with some newer, more restrictive laws.

In spite of such new powers, the Police Federation, representing frontline officers, has said current legislation is "unclear" and "arbitrary" in relation to knife crime and has called for an overhaul of legislation.

In a written submission to the Commons all-party Home Affairs Select Committee, the Federation called for the closure of loopholes which allow knife-carrying criminals to escape prosecution.

The Federation suggested changing the standard of proof so that prosecutors do not have to convince a court that someone found with a weapon intended to use it illegally - instead, the individual should have to prove they had an innocent reason for holding the weapon.

Laws which currently cover possession of weapons in public places should also be extended to private property such as homes, particularly to tackle domestic violence involving bladed weapons, the Federation said.

Home Office minister Vernon Coaker has ruled out introducing a minimum mandatory sentence for carrying a knife, such as the similar sentence introduced earlier this year for carrying firearms.

He said there needed to be a "distinction" between guns and knives.

Knives are lawfully available, he said, and there needed to be a law that was "proportionate and workable".

He said the Government had just increased the maximum sentence for carrying knives from two years to four years.
Did you notice this - "Laws which currently cover possession of weapons in public places should also be extended to private property such as homes". Next, only licensed butchers and meat packers will be able to own knives.

After they have written all the knife laws possible, and have metal detectors on every street corner and video surveillance in every kitchen, will the violence then stop? Or will violent people continue to commit violent acts?

At what point will someone in authority finally wake up and decide that maybe they should be focusing upon the violent offender instead of his tools.

I have a thought. Instead of banning firearms and knives, why don't we ban violent criminals? Just a thought.

Thanks to Tony, who emailed this article.

Just Here to do the Work That Americans Will Not Do?

Illegal aliens are considered "illegal" due to the fact that they disregarded American law and entered this country without proper documentation. They broke the law. They continue to break the law while they reside in the United States by using false documentation to obtain jobs, stealing (or purchasing stolen) identities of American citizens, and living every day as a lie. It seems that the Administration is willing to overlook this minor and inconvenient truth as it seeks to bestow legitimacy upon these very illegitimate, illegal aliens. I guess these are not "real" crimes in the eyes of the Administration and many in Congress. But what about the ones that commit "real" crimes, what do we do about them?

From the Houston Chronicle:

By Renèe C. Lee

MAGNOLIA — A 29-year-old man is in jail on a charge of indecency with a child after he slit his wrist and confessed to police that he sexually assaulted 13 children, police said.

A grand jury is expected to hear the case next week.

Mauricio Ojeda told police about the assaults when they responded to an emergency medical call at his house on April 29. Ojeda had self-inflicted cuts on his wrist and no pulse, said Magnolia Police Chief Ronald Cunningham.

Once emergency medical service personnel revived Ojeda, he said had been ''a bad boy" and had sexually assaulted 13 victims who had lived in the house with him, Cunningham said...

...Ojeda was held in federal custody in Houston after he was treated and released from a local hospital because of his illegal status, Cunningham said. The Montgomery County District Attorney's Office later issued an arrest warrant and he was booked into the Montgomery County Jail on May 2, where he remains with bail set at $50,000.
I have a question. If we had secure borders and if we were serious about enforcing our current immigration laws, would this predator have been in the United States? The answer, of course, is most likely not. This is why we have immigration laws, to keep goblins such as this out of our country.

Another question - Why does an illegal alien have the opportunity to make bail?

Just think, under the proposed immigration reform bill, goblins such as Sr. Ojeda will become legal residents of the United States.

If this bothers you, contact your Senator and let them know.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Our President Continues to Push the Illegal Immigrant Amnesty Bill

Okay Mr. President, you are most definitely stepping on my last nerve. The American people gave you a gift, a gift you have abused and pretty much trashed. We gave you the presidency of the United States, and we gave you a Republican Congress to go along with it. We expected to see liberalism put in it's place, the Democrats were on the run and their party was in disarray. In your short tenure as president you have destroyed what we worked so many years to achieve. The Dems have retaken control of The Hill, and worse yet, you have given the Clintons another shot at the White House. You really should be ashamed at the way you have abused our trust. Your attempt to legalize 12+ million illegal aliens is the last straw for many of us.

From the Houston Chronicle:

By Julie Hirschfeld Davis

WASHINGTON — President Bush pressed divided Republicans today to support him on immigration overhaul, saying "status quo is unacceptable."
Yes Mr. President, I agree. The "status quo" is unacceptable. Our open borders, and the lack of any real enforcement of current laws concerning illegal immigration and the hiring of illegal immigrants is unacceptable.

The American People have made ourselves clear. We raised our voices prior to the last election, and we have spoken once again. Close the border. Close the border NOW! You signed a bill to build a fence, build the bloody fence. Direct the Justice Department to enforce current law. Fine and/or imprison companies that make a habit of hiring illegals. Fine, imprison and then deport (as is current law) any illegal aliens discovered in routine traffic stops, criminal investigations, or in workplace audits. If it is determined that an individual is in the United States illegally, take action under current law.

This is not too much to ask.

We have a day worker program. We have a Green Card program. We have means for folks who wish to work in the United States to legally do so. The folks who follow the rules and use these programs should be commended. Those who do not are criminals.

Punish the criminals. Do not reward criminal behavior.

Monday, June 11, 2007

National rifle champion in their midst

Today must be highlight the youth shooting sports day at the blog. This is three for three posts on youth in shooting sports. School is out, the weather good, so shooting sports have their day.

This young lady is from Washington State.

From The Spokesman Review:

By Juan Juan Moses

Shadle Park High School senior Elisha Lafond is an outstanding student whom any parent or any school would be proud of. She has accomplished a lot in a few years and seems to be heading into a busy life of excitement and achievement.

Lafond competes both nationally and internationally in air rifle and .22-caliber rifle. It is not a common sport for a young person to be involved in today, but Lafond has found something that she not only is passionate about but also excels in.

The sport has taken her many places around the world and offered her many lessons she can use throughout life.

When she was 12, her father spotted an advertisement by the Spokane Rifle Club for juniors. He signed her up.

Soon, she was hooked.

In 2002, she competed in England. Last year, she was a member of the world championship team that competed in Croatia. Last year also found her competing in Brazil as a member of the U.S. World Cup team. And she won the title of junior national champion at the 2006 Junior Olympic Games at the Olympic training center in Colorado Springs.

So, last year was a busy year for Lafond. But she managed not to miss any schoolwork in between her travels and competitions.

"My teachers are all very supportive. They work with me. Sometimes I take homework with me on the road. And when I come back, I have to work extra hard to catch up," she says.

For 2006-2007, Lafond also is a member of the Bundesleague team that competes in Germany.
She is quite the competitor. Not quite what the anti's would have you believe about what happens when high school kids and guns get together.

What has she learned while training in her marital art?

Asked what she has learned from the sport of shooting, Lafond answers without hesitation: "Patience."

She elaborates that once a shot has been fired, there is nothing you can do but have the patience to learn from your mistakes and practice harder for the next shot.

"You learn to let go and have patience and not be angry with yourself," she says.

Lafond stresses that shooting has taught her to learn from past mistakes and to always strive to do better next time.

Another important lesson she has learned, she says, is the importance of goal-setting, not only for the sport itself but also for life in general...

...Lafond credits her sport for her focus in whatever she pursues. "Shooting is a sport that requires a lot of focus and concentration. I like the challenge of getting the target every time. It has helped me with my concentration."

Elisha Lafond

Hopefully we will see more of Miss Lafond in the 2008 Olympic Games.

Grayson County 4-H students taking aim

The 4H shooting sports are a great way to get kids involved with safe and accurate firearm handling. If you are in Grason County, KY, here is a club for you:

By Theresa Dunn

When your child looks at you from behind the computerized game controls and gives you that line, “there is nothing to do in Grayson County” the local 4-H Club has a solution to that problem.

On Tuesdays at 6 pm the Kentucky 4-H Shooting Sports meets to teach area youth to handle and shoot weapons at the Agriculture Park just off HWY. 259.

It is an introduction to the safe and responsible use of firearms and archery equipment which, according to one of the shooting sports coaches, Lori East, is a valuable life skill.

The goal of the program is not just to teach kids about shooting guns and bows and arrows, it is to provide youth with an outstanding way of providing human growth and development in life skills identified by the National 4-H program.
Look at what they have to offer:

If a young person is interested in just archery then he can concentrate on that or he can do all five; shotgun, rifle, pistol, archery or black powder.
The land they use has been donated to the club, but they could use some help to get things finished up.

There are 53 members in the program. The property at the Ag Park was donated to the club by Doctor Vitor Duvall.

The club hopes to provide a first-rate facility for the 4-H members. and is hoping for donations and community support.

“We have a vision of having a rifle range where 50 people can shoot and we want it to be handicap accessible,” said one of the leaders of the club, Bob Higbee.

“We are not looking for just money but donations of time and supplies. We need about five loads of gravel to get started and about 30 yards of concrete.

“We already have two trap throwers and just need the block and house for each of those,” said Higbee.

There are no dues and all the guns and bows are provided to the young members free of charge. With five disciplines available to the youth there is plenty to do for everyone.
This is how we ensure the RKBA is passed down to our children and grandchildren. For most of us, the days of stepping out into the back yard and plinking cans with Dad are long gone. Organized shooting groups such as the 4H are one good way to help your children learn safe and accurate marksmanship, along with a bit of competition. There are 4H shooting clubs throughout the United States, and they all could use your support.

Csenge Claims Air Rifle, Smallbore International Titles

This is way cool. A college freshman shooter from Kentucky takes both the air rifle and the smallbore titles in Czechoslovakia.


Plzens, CZECHOSLOVAKIA -- Kentucky rifle freshman sensation Tom Csenge continued a stellar summer pace, claiming the men’s under-20 smallbore and air rifle championships in the 17th annual Meeting of the Shooting Hopes, held over the weekend in Plzens, Czechoslovakia.

“I am extremely proud of all three of our shooters,” Kentucky head coach and reigning Great American Rifle Conference Coach of the Year Harry Mullins said. “They have done an exceptional job for us and I am excited that they had the opportunity to continue this on an international level. For this to be Ashley Jackson's first international match, she held up very well. She will come away from this with a great learning experience that will help her greatly in the coming months. Andrew Roland and Tom also did a great job. For Andrew to come back in both finals, I think is a great accomplishment in his growth as a shooter. Tom having to make the move up in smallbore to win and then the next day having to hold the lead in air rifle is also a great accomplishment in his ability to perform under pressure.”
Next, The United States Nationals...

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Jennifer's First Time

I should have known that Oleg Volk would have something on You Tube.

Now this is how you introduce a first time shooter to firearms.

Contrast the above with this video I previously posted.

Which shooter do you think will become an enthusiast, and which will just have a story to tell about the one time she shot a gun?

Saturday, June 09, 2007


It is time that I cleaned up my sidebar just a bit, in particular the "Blogs I Read" section. I have deleted several that for one reason or another no longer belong there. I have also added a couple.

First is Red's Trading Post. Ryan's blog will keep all of us updated on his battle with the BATF.

Next I have added Freedom Sight. Jed is a Colorado blogger who has a good way with words and a common sense approach to expressing his love for freedom.

Give these guys a look, it will be well worth your time.

Man shooting gun in his yard killed by armed neighbor

Many news paper articles just do not give enough information about an incident to allow their readers to come to an informed conclusion. Many of them try to lead the reader, often they are mis-leading.

This is an example of an article not providing enough necessary information.

From the Houston Chronicle:

By Lindsay Wise

The fatal shooting of a 29-year-old man in northeast Houston on Friday night will be referred to a grand jury, police said.

Witnesses told investigators Gerald Tyrone Butler was threatening people with a handgun in front of a home in the 2200 block of w Bringhurst about 7 p.m. Butler allegedly fired shots at several people, including a 45-year-old man, who returned fire with a rifle, striking Butler once, police said.
Seems pretty cut and dried to me. "Butler allegedly fired shots at several people, including a 45-year-old man, who returned fire with a rifle, striking Butler once..."

It appears that the goblin was in the front yard taking pot shots at folks. The neighbor retrieved a rifle and returned fire. It would be nice if the reporter had mentioned at what point the police were called, and their response time. No matter I guess, they got there in time to pack up the goblin and send him off to the hospital, where he died.

The Things You Find on the Internet

From the May 2002 issue of Popular Mechanics:

First published June, 1913

(Click on image for larger version)

The rifle was loaded with blanks and attached to the Pitching Gun via a Telescoping Tube. The baseball's velocity was adjusted by extending or retracting the telescoping tube. Too bad the professors at Princeton are not still putting out cool gadgets like this.

The article mentioned that the pitching gun was accurate, but scared the heck out of the batters.

Friday, June 08, 2007

Update on H.R. 1022

It has been awhile since I have posted anything on H.R. 1022, The Federal Assault on Our Firearms. Most folks who keep an eye on anti-gun legislation seem to think that this bill is a non-issue, that it will not make it to the house floor. I hope these folks are correct.

I am still concerned about the potential of this bill being passed out of committee. H.R. 1022 currently has 49 cosponsors. The last two signed as cosponsors on June 6th, just two days ago. The bill has moved from The House Judiciary Committee to the Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism, and Homeland Security. I honestly do not know what this move signifies, or how it affects the odds of the bill making it to the house floor. I do know that four of the sixteen members of this subcommittee are cosigners of the bill.

These are the committee members who also cosigned H.R. 1022:

Representative William Delahunt
(D) Massachusetts, 10th

Representative Sheilia Jackson Lee
(D) Texas, 18th

Representative Martin Meehan
(D) Massachusetts, 5th

Representative Jerrold Nadler
(D) New York, 8th

This committee is made up of 10 Dems and 6 Republicans. If the Democrats decide to push H.R. 1022, it would make it out of committee very easily.

This has just been a friendly reminder that H.R. 1022 is not dead. If you have a spare moment to send an email or a fax to your representative concerning this bill, it would be appreciated.

The text of H.R. 1022

More on H.R. 1022 here.

Is This Sarcasm, or a Recommendation?

This first time I read the following letter to the editor, I thought "Wow, this guy is an idiot". The second time I read it I thought maybe he was being sarcastic. Now I'm just not sure, but leaning towards my first reaction. This guy is an idiot.

From the Journal Gazette:

By Jerome A. Welch

Congratulations to the city of Fort Wayne on the smoking ban that took effect June 1. Think of all the lung cancer that will be prevented.

Now let’s take on the gun problem. Make it illegal to possess a handgun within the city limits. Law enforcement personnel initially could be allowed to carry guns, but eventually even that would be unnecessary. Think of the homicides that will be prevented. Britain and Japan have very strict gun laws. Their homicide rates are a small fraction of ours.

Three cheers for Councilman John Crawford for persevering in a noble cause. And three cheers for former mayor Paul Helmke for his efforts to control guns.

First, smoking bans have never been about public health. Smoking bans are about property rights and the right of a business owner to allow the consumption of a legal product on the premises of a business establishment.

As to his recommendations about firearms. His idea is not even worth fisking, hence my thought that he may be attempting sarcasm. In the even he is not, I will make one little comment.

All I have to say to this:

Think of the homicides that will be prevented.
is - Think of Washington D.C.

Crucial test vote on immigration bill fails in Senate

Good job folks. This is the second time that "We the People" stopped legislation that would provide amnesty for millions of illegal immigrants. It should be noted that we shut down legislation that was desired by both a Democrat majority in the Senate and by the Administration. This goes to show that when enough voices are raised in unison, the folks on the hill take notice.

From the Star Telegram:

By Dave Montgomery:

WASHINGTON -- Warnings surfaced throughout the day Thursday that a far-reaching immigration bill was in trouble in the Senate. By late night, prospects for passage collapsed...

...The 627-page bill was taken off the Senate floor at the end of a bitterly contentious day that saw the bill's sponsors desperately trying to resolve differences between Democrats and Republicans over GOP demands to offer additional amendments.

Senators voted overwhelmingly Thursday night against a motion to end debate, prompting Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., to pull the bill.
The bill has been removed from the Senate floor. This is great news. It is somewhat amazing to me that these Senators (Dem and GOP alike), thought they could get this garbage past us with just a wink and a smile. These long term politicians have absolutely no idea about life in America outside the Beltway. They have no idea about how having 12,000,000+ uneducated invaders who have little or no grasp of the English language and a total disregard for our laws is affecting Middle America. Somehow they believe that with the stroke of a pen they can create a serf class in America, a class of people who will be appreciative of their status in society, and maybe vote for them in the future.

Our representatives on the hill need to be reminded that this is America. America is the land of the free, and the home of the brave. America is not populated by serfs and subject, but by free citizens. Attempting to create a secondary class of citizen, will only cause extreme civil unrest and breakouts of violence of a magnitude potentially greater than the recent riots in France. A restrained and regulated immigration policy was a key factor in building this country during the industrial revolution, and remains an important (if ignored) policy today.

Have the open borders, amnesty granting Senators given up?

...leaders refused to proclaim the bill dead.

...But Reid and Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., both expressed hope of resuming work on the bill if they find a way out of the deadlock.

The prospects for reviving and ultimately passing the bill appeared uncertain, but supporters insisted it could be done.

"We're still open for business on this bill," said Sen. Arlen Specter, R-Pa., a leading Republican supporter of the measure.

...Supporters on both sides of the aisle insisted that the bill could be resurrected.

"Oh, no, it's not dead," said South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham, a Republican member of the bipartisan coalition.
Our work is not yet done. Until this bill is truly dead, we need to keep pressure on our respective senators.

OBTW: You folks who are represented by the likes of Graham, Specter and McConnell; the rest of us are counting on you to do something about these guys. The next time they are up for re-election, you need to use the primaries to get them the heck out of office.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Vintage Advertising at it's Best

Found on Modern Mechanix:

Marksmen Prefer Camels

(Click image for full size ad)

YES, SIR, in any bunch of expert shots — Camels are the favorite cigarette,” says Ransford Triggs, one of the foremost marksmen in America. “Marksmen know that it takes steady nerves to make high scores. And the fact that Camels don’t frazzle my nerves goes over big with me. I smoke plenty of Camels every day, too.
h/t to Say Uncle

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

The War on Gun Shop Owners Continues

Yesterday I commented upon the abuses by the BATF in their vendetta against Red's Trading Post.

Today we get work that the BATF has submitted a letter to Judge Edward Lodge requesting the termination of the preliminary injunction that was granted to Red’s Trading Post on April 30th by Judge Lodge.

The crimes committed by Red's Trading Post? Keeping records in an alpha/chronological order (as recommended by a previous BATF auditor) vs strict alphabetical order. There are other similar clerical items such as that. Not a single public safety issue. The BATF wants to close down this multi-generational family business just because they can.

It was not that very long ago when you could purchase a firearm in any department or hardware store. Even Sears had their own branded firearms for sale. At that time, firearms did not have a mystique, they were just guns. These days even the big box stores are succumbing to the pressure of the regulatory morass and the bullying of petty bureaucrats. The most recent example is WalMarts decision to pretty much stop selling firearms. The smaller shops are becoming few and far between. The only place many people see firearms are in the movies and on the news. No wonder they become ambivalent about the right to keep and bear arms.

And while there are less and less FFL dealers to audit, the BATF continues to grow. Why is that?

Ryan Horsley, the manager of Red's Trading Post, has started his own blog to help keep us informed of what all is going on in that neck of the woods and with this case. The name of this new blog? Red's Trading Post of course.

Head on over and see what he has to say.

h/t to The War on Guns

Controversial Gun Bill Getting Roadside Attention

Sign in S. Carolina

I have to admit that I smiled when I saw that image. Too bad that it does not reflect the policy of the local leadership of the GOP.

From Fox Carolina:

By Lidia St. Mark

Controversial Gun Bill Getting Roadside Attention

...A sea of signs once polluted a median on Interstate 26 and Highway 221 in Spartanburg County. Now, only one sign remains. The sign reads: "Vote Yes - Make guns legal in public schools - Vote Republican."

Although the sign insinuates Republicans are in favor of a controversial gun bill moving through the state legislature, Spartanburg Republican Chairman Rick Beltram said most Republicans are against the idea. "I think the signs are ugly. I think we also found that they are illegal, immoral and unethical," Beltram said. "They're trying to send a message that the Republican party is endorsing these issues."

This is just one more example of why the GOP is no longer grand. The bill that is alluded to in this article is H.3964. This bill, as originally written, would allow a CHL holder to carry a firearm on school property. The bill was recently amended to only authorize a CHL holder to carry a firearm on school property while the CHL holder remained in his or her vehicle.

So, according to Mr. Beltram, the Spartanburg Republican Chairman, most Republicans in S. Carolina are against the idea of a CHL holder carrying a firearm when dropping off or picking up their children from school. Mr. Beltram would have free citizens, parents, continue to make a decision between protecting their children, and breaking the law.

If you are wondering about my views on this issue, read these posts:

32 And Counting...

Mass Slaughter in our Schools: The Terrorists' Chilling Plan

Thanks to Grassroots Gun Rights for the update on S. Carolina law.

Father's Day Ideas

Father's Day is just around the corner, and the Liberty Belles have come up with a few great ideas on how to spend the day.

(Yes kids, this is a hint)

h/t to The War on Guns

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

The War on Gun Shop Owners

One of my earliest post concerned an agenda by a government entity to close gun dealers and limit the accessibility of firearms to law abiding citizens. That title of that post was Another gun shop closes due to minor clerical errors.

As successful as the BATF has been in the past, they get a bit arrogant when a free citizen stands up to them and uses the courts to hinder actions. Worse yet, they get down right pissy when that free citizen uses the news media and the internet to expose the agenda driven bureau for the anti American establishment that it is.

Of course I am talking about Ryan Horsley and Red's Trading Post.

A quick review for those who may be coming to this story late:

On March 5th, the BATF revoked Red's license to acquire firearms due to minor clerical findings in a 2004 audit. More information here.

On April 9th, David Codrea interviews Ryan Horsley on the blog "The War on Guns". The complete text of the interview is posted here.

May 1st, Red's Trading Post is granted an injunction to continue operations:

Judge Lodge noted in making his decision that “the ATF speaks of violations found during the inspections of 2000 and 2005, but fails to reveal that additional investigations in 2001 and 2007 revealed no violations or problems.” He also notes Red’s statement that ATF is exaggerating Red’s conduct by “double counting” certain violations. Also noted was the balance of the ATF’s hardship compared to Red’s hardship. The judge found “that granting the preliminary injunction would not place the public safety in jeopardy” and “that that the relative hardships tip sharply in favor of Red’s.”
Great news, not only for Red's, but also for the rest of us. The BATF needs a muzzle, and the only branch of our .gov willing to supply that muzzle is the judicial.

Friday, June 1st, Red's announces that they will host the premiere of "The Gang":

Red's Trading Post is pleased to announce the JPFO's decision to premiere their latest documentary The Gang in Twin Falls Idaho. The Gang exposes the abuses of the BATFE, this truly is a movie they do not want you to see.

This will be shown FREE OF CHARGE and Red's Trading Post will also be raffling off a Ruger 10/22 Rifle and other prizes to those who attend.
Winning a small battle in court, bringing to light some of the abuses of the BATF, and then joining forces with JFPO. What a country. We have the freedom to be free and to speak out against .gov abuses. Or do we?

Following the JPFO Alert of my interview with "Talkin to America" we were greeted by 3 ATF Agents, one of which was the Area Supervisor who traveled from Spokane, Washington to inspect us.
Heavy sigh. It appears the JBT's do not like to be opposed.

BATFU Revenging Itself on Red's

To read more about this whole bit of jack booted thuggery, visit The War on Guns commentary on Red's here.

A Reminder for our Friends in Illinois!

An email from Dallas Tactical Supplies:

RSR Group Inc.

Dear Illinois Firearms Dealer:

Thank you for your help in the fight against Illinois SB 1007.

This bill is a serious threat and would ban the possession, sale, or manufacture of magazines that hold more than 10 rounds, driving several good firearms manufacturers out of the state. This bill has ALREADY PASSED THE SENATE and has a VERY GOOD CHANCE of passing in the House and becoming law.

For your reference, the text of the bill is here: Read Bill

Please print out the attached PDF flyer, copy it and distribute it to your customers. Click Here to Print flyer

Please place it RIGHT IN THEIR HANDS and don't wait for them to pick it up off your counter.

As of today, the vote will be VERY, VERY CLOSE.

A complete listing of Illinois Legislators can be found by clicking "Legislator Lookup" at:

If I understand Illinois legislation procedures correctly, SB 1007 would now require a super majority in the house to get passed due to the fact that it was not voted on prior to midnight on May 31st. Even if there is only a slim chance this bill will be passed, it is still a very good idea to contact your representative and remind them of your stance on this bill.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Update on the Neglegant Discharge at the Gun Show

It seems that the local gun boards did have most of the information on this incident correct. One item I did not mention because I had nothing to confirm it, was the fact that the individual is a CHL holder.

From the Houston Chronicle:

By Jennifer Leahy

A man who accidentally shot himself in the hand during the High Caliber Gun & Knife Show at the George R. Brown Convention Center may face misdemeanor charges and revocation of his concealed handgun permit.

The incident occurred Saturday about 2:30 p.m. when the man tried to disassemble the Glock .40-caliber handgun while shopping for a new part, said event organizer Todd Bean.

"He pulled the trigger, barrel over his hand and shot himself in the fatty part of the hand," Bean said.

On-site emergency medical personnel treated the man, who was taken to a hospital.
You may be asking yourself why he would get his concealed handgun permit revoked.

"We have signs posted at the entrance that state that no one can enter with a loaded weapon under Section 30.06 of the penal code," Bean said. If the man is convicted of violating the statute, he could lose his concealed handgun license.
Not only did he ignore the Four Rules of Safe Firearm Handling, and bypass the posted procedures for entering the venue, he broke the law. He violated section 30.06 of the Texas Penal Code. He could be found guilty of criminal trespass.

My original post can be found here

It's About Time

WASHINGTON – Rep. William Jefferson, D-La., was indicted Monday on federal charges of racketeering, money-laundering and soliciting more than $400,000 in bribes in connection with years of trying to broker business deals in Africa.

The charges came almost two years after investigators raided Jefferson's home in Washington and found $90,000 in cash stuffed in a box in his freezer.

The indictment in federal court in Alexandria, Va., lists 16 alleged violations with prison terms totaling as much as 235 years. Jefferson is charged with racketeering, soliciting bribes, wire fraud, money laundering, obstruction of justice and conspiracy.
The Democrat leadership should have stripped him of all power two years ago, and if he had even the smallest amount of shame he would of resigned. Has any of that happened? Nope, Pelosi assigns him to a committee, and instead of resigning he runs for re-election. Not only does he run, but he wins. A very sad statement about the voters in Louisiana's 2nd District.

Surprising Pop Up Ad From the Dallas Morning News

I head on over to the Dallas Morning News, to see if they have written anything that you folks might find interesting. One of the things I really dislike about the DMN is the amount of pop-ups and pop-downs and pop everywhere else ad's. My pop-up blocker gets most of them, but a couple always seem to sneak through. Another thing I dislike about the DMN is there generally left of center editorial slant. So imagine my surprise when I get the following pop-up:

Gerber LMF II

Did I click the ad?

E-Postal Match for June

Sailor Curt (The Captain of a Crew of One) is hosting an interesting looking E-Postal Match.

Don't know what a postal match is?

Basically a postal match is means for firearms enthusiasts to compete against each other, no matter where they may life. The 4-H clubs in Texas are always participating in postal matches. An E-Postal Match is similar, just using email vs snail mail to post scores.

This month's match involves two targets and a basic reload drill.

When ready, take aim and fire two shots at one of the targets, reload and fire two more shots at the second target. While speed can be important in a self-defense situation, shot placement is the key to stopping an attack (plus, not everyone has shot timers) so this will not be a timed event...however, you should shoot it as quickly as you safely can. Ideally, each set of two shots should be double taps, but if you don't normally shoot double taps and don't anticipate doing so in a defensive situation, two discrete, aimed shots is permissible as long as you do it quickly as you would in a defensive situation and not as slow, deliberate, "bullseye competition" style shots.

Repeat this drill 5 times for a total of twenty shots...ten per target.
Easy enough, and reload drills are never a bad idea.

For more information, and to download targets:

As is, immigration bill a recipe for failure

Senator John Cornyn on the proposed immigration bill.

From the Star Telegram:

By Sen. John Cornyn:

As is, immigration bill a recipe for failure

As Congress debates overhauling our broken immigration system, the bottom line should be this: Will the new system be enforceable and restore respect for our laws? Or will it be unenforceable and lead to even more illegality in the future?

This is not a minor matter. America is successful because it is a nation of laws. We now have a situation in which some laws are routinely ignored. If we approve yet another law that promises reform yet again fails to deliver on its promises, our precious heritage as a nation of law will be in serious jeopardy...
Head on over and read the rest.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Man injured in accidental shooting at gun show

It has been awhile since I have posted commentary on gun safety. This incident at the High Caliber Gun Show in Houston on Saturday gives me the opportunity to mention firearm safety once again.

From ABC13 Eyewitness News:

There's been a shooting at a gun show at the George R. Brown Convention Center in downtown Houston.

Authorities say a man accidentally shot himself in the hand Saturday afternoon, with his own gun. He was taken the hospital and is expected to be OK.

The man told authorities he forgot the gun was loaded. No one else at the gun show was injured.
The local gun forums are all abuzz over this incident. It appears that the firearm involved was a Glock 23, and that the individual was checking the action after installing a new (part?) when the negligent discharge occurred.

During gun shows, the George R. Brown Convention Center has large signs stating "No Loaded Firearms Allowed". There are also several uniformed officers (off duty I believe) at the entrance checking weapons and tie-wrapping actions. The tie-wrap acts as a physical barrier to chambering a round, and as a visual indicator to all that the firearm is unloaded. Procedures such as these provide for a safe environment in which we can perform a large number of firearm, and firearm related transactions.

If you have a CHL, and you decide that you are not going to declare your firearm at the entrance to a gun show, the leave that firearm concealed, period. Don't touch it, do not draw it to verify that the new fangled gizmo you just found might fit, and don't show it off to others who are having a discussion about concealed firearms. I always unload my CHL firearm in the truck and check it at the door when I attend gun shows. Granted, I have a means of cutting tie-wraps, and a magazine or two hidden on my person as I go through the door, but the firearm itself can be removed from the holster if necessary.

This was not an "accidental shooting", it was a negligent discharge of a firearm. Stating that this shooting is an accident removes the onus of responsibility from the individual and places it upon the firearm. The responsibility belongs with the individual. Not only did he ignore the four basic rules of firearm safety, he ignored the very obvious posted procedures for entering the gun show with a firearm. I would have absolutely no problem with the promoters of this gun show (High Caliber Gun and Knife Shows) filing a civil suite against this individual for endangering it's customers and employees.

If you own a firearm, it is YOUR responsibility to know, understand and follow the Four Rules of Firearms Safety:

  1. All firearms are loaded - There are no exceptions, period. Know this rule and live it. Handle all firearms accordingly.
  2. Never let the muzzle of a firearm point at anything you are not willing to destroy - If you are not willing to see a bullet hole in it, do not allow a firearm's muzzle to point at it. If you are doing dry fire drills in your home, extra care needs to be made to insure that ammo is not even in the same room as you are. Dry fire drills can be dangerous because they do violate Rule #2.
  3. Keep your finger off the trigger unless your sights are on the target - You do not gain any speed at all by keeping your finger on the trigger. Keep it out of the guard until you are sighted on the target. Practice this until it becomes second nature. If this rule were followed 100% of the time, there would be no negligent discharges.
  4. Be sure of your target and what is behind it - Be aware of your surroundings whether on a range, in the woods, or in a potentially lethal conflict. Never shoot at sounds or at a target you can not positively identify.

Tragedies could be avoided if everyone involved with firearms followed these rules all the time.

Fr. Frog lists these rules and other firearm safety procedures here. It is very well put together and even old hands at the firing range would be advised to look it over.

ACE has also commented on this incident here.

Friday, June 01, 2007

Free Junior Entry in 2007 National Rimfire Sporter

From the CMP

As a special way to recognize the 100th Anniversary of the National Matches at Camp Perry and to encourage more shooting clubs and parents to bring new junior shooters to the National Rimfire Sporter Match at Camp Perry on 22 July, entry will be free for juniors this year.

The National Rimfire Sporter program is posted at

You can download the CMP Guide to Rimfire Sporter Shooting from the CMP website at and obtain de­tailed information about this fast-growing shooting sports activity.

This would be a blast for any youngster.

How LA is Solving the Gang Problem

The following article about an L.A. gang leader's arrest pretty much describes to a "T" the basic failures of the Los Angeles City Counsel in their handling of the gangs in L.A.

From the LA Weekly News:

By Jeffrey Anderson

FEDERAL ALCOHOL, TOBACCO AND FIREARMS AGENTS knocked first, then entered the Downey home of purported anti-gang activist Hector Marroquin on Wednesday, arresting him for selling silencers and weapons — including three assault rifles and a machine gun — to an undercover ATF agent.

The gun sales, some of which Marroquin, the founder of the gang-intervention group No Guns, transacted at his bar in the city of Cudahy, were captured on videotape and audiotape, said police officers present at his arrest.
The LA Times reports he was charged with the sale of an assault rifle, a machine gun, two pistols and two silencers.

So, was being an anti-gang activist just a cover for this goblin's gun sales? Did no one know he was a goblin?

Marroquin, an alleged associate of the prison-based Mexican Mafia, has grown accustomed to such intrusions, having been arrested many times over the years while at the same time being the founder and CEO of No Guns, which has received $1.5 million from Los Angeles City Hall via the much-criticized L.A. Bridges program designed by the Los Angeles City Council to keep youth out of gangs.
This is beyond funny, check out this goblin's family:

...his son, Hector Marroquin Jr., a former No Guns officer who police say is an admitted 18th Street Gang member, has been indicted on charges of home invasion robbery and faces up to 40 years in prison
And then there is his daughter,

who police say is a member of the Hawthorne L’il Watts Gang...
This family of street gang members convinces the city that they are a legitimate anti-gang organization, and get $1,500,000 for their efforts. You folks in LA are sure getting a nice ROI for your tax dollars.

Oh, but the trustee's of the common wealth did finally wise up -

No Guns finally lost its funding last year, after city officials found the organization had engaged in nepotism and misappropriation of public funds. Along with his wife, son and daughter, who police say is a member of the Hawthorne L’il Watts Gang, the Marroquins made more than $200,000 a year in salaries — public funds paid by L.A. taxpayers — to steer children away from gangs and help active gangsters escape the life.
Yep, they took away their funding. Umm... no mention of jail time, or even charges for misappropriation of public funds.

No wonder poor Mr. Marroquin was selling guns, he lost his job. Not only did he lose his job, but it was the cities fault that he lost his job. I think the City of Los Angeles owes Mr. Marroquin a apology, and maybe some compensation for forcing him out onto the street and into the gang lifestyle he had fought so hard against.

Is this an isolated incident? Was this just one case that slipped through the cracks of an otherwise effective program?

...a report by civil rights lawyer Connie Rice and independent audits have stated that L.A. Bridges, which has funneled more than $100 million to programs like No Guns, cannot show that it has reduced gang activity, and the city council lacks any meaningful measures for determining success. Just last week, another purported gang-member-turned-good, 30-year-old Mario Corona, with a group called Communities in Schools, also a recipient of L.A. Bridges money, was sentenced to 32 months in prison for transporting a large amount of methamphetamine and being a felon with a gun.
There was a time when LA was famous for giving us Hollywood and Disneyland. Soon LA will be best known for the gangs that have tentacles throughout the United States. It is the rare city that does not have street gang activity that, at the roots, is not traced back to LA.

The story according to the LA Times: Founder of anti-gang group arrested