Tuesday, June 05, 2007

A Reminder for our Friends in Illinois!

An email from Dallas Tactical Supplies:

RSR Group Inc.

Dear Illinois Firearms Dealer:

Thank you for your help in the fight against Illinois SB 1007.

This bill is a serious threat and would ban the possession, sale, or manufacture of magazines that hold more than 10 rounds, driving several good firearms manufacturers out of the state. This bill has ALREADY PASSED THE SENATE and has a VERY GOOD CHANCE of passing in the House and becoming law.

For your reference, the text of the bill is here: Read Bill

Please print out the attached PDF flyer, copy it and distribute it to your customers. Click Here to Print flyer

Please place it RIGHT IN THEIR HANDS and don't wait for them to pick it up off your counter.

As of today, the vote will be VERY, VERY CLOSE.

A complete listing of Illinois Legislators can be found by clicking "Legislator Lookup" at: www.ilga.gov

If I understand Illinois legislation procedures correctly, SB 1007 would now require a super majority in the house to get passed due to the fact that it was not voted on prior to midnight on May 31st. Even if there is only a slim chance this bill will be passed, it is still a very good idea to contact your representative and remind them of your stance on this bill.


AlanDP said...

They used an XD instead of a Glock. That's unusual.

the pistolero said...

They used an XD instead of a Glock. That's unusual.
Indeed, but it does show they're really on top of their game. Beyond all that, though, it's long past time for the Illinois gun makers to go to friendlier locales.