Monday, June 04, 2007

E-Postal Match for June

Sailor Curt (The Captain of a Crew of One) is hosting an interesting looking E-Postal Match.

Don't know what a postal match is?

Basically a postal match is means for firearms enthusiasts to compete against each other, no matter where they may life. The 4-H clubs in Texas are always participating in postal matches. An E-Postal Match is similar, just using email vs snail mail to post scores.

This month's match involves two targets and a basic reload drill.

When ready, take aim and fire two shots at one of the targets, reload and fire two more shots at the second target. While speed can be important in a self-defense situation, shot placement is the key to stopping an attack (plus, not everyone has shot timers) so this will not be a timed event...however, you should shoot it as quickly as you safely can. Ideally, each set of two shots should be double taps, but if you don't normally shoot double taps and don't anticipate doing so in a defensive situation, two discrete, aimed shots is permissible as long as you do it quickly as you would in a defensive situation and not as slow, deliberate, "bullseye competition" style shots.

Repeat this drill 5 times for a total of twenty shots...ten per target.
Easy enough, and reload drills are never a bad idea.

For more information, and to download targets:

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