Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Our President Continues to Push the Illegal Immigrant Amnesty Bill

Okay Mr. President, you are most definitely stepping on my last nerve. The American people gave you a gift, a gift you have abused and pretty much trashed. We gave you the presidency of the United States, and we gave you a Republican Congress to go along with it. We expected to see liberalism put in it's place, the Democrats were on the run and their party was in disarray. In your short tenure as president you have destroyed what we worked so many years to achieve. The Dems have retaken control of The Hill, and worse yet, you have given the Clintons another shot at the White House. You really should be ashamed at the way you have abused our trust. Your attempt to legalize 12+ million illegal aliens is the last straw for many of us.

From the Houston Chronicle:

By Julie Hirschfeld Davis

WASHINGTON — President Bush pressed divided Republicans today to support him on immigration overhaul, saying "status quo is unacceptable."
Yes Mr. President, I agree. The "status quo" is unacceptable. Our open borders, and the lack of any real enforcement of current laws concerning illegal immigration and the hiring of illegal immigrants is unacceptable.

The American People have made ourselves clear. We raised our voices prior to the last election, and we have spoken once again. Close the border. Close the border NOW! You signed a bill to build a fence, build the bloody fence. Direct the Justice Department to enforce current law. Fine and/or imprison companies that make a habit of hiring illegals. Fine, imprison and then deport (as is current law) any illegal aliens discovered in routine traffic stops, criminal investigations, or in workplace audits. If it is determined that an individual is in the United States illegally, take action under current law.

This is not too much to ask.

We have a day worker program. We have a Green Card program. We have means for folks who wish to work in the United States to legally do so. The folks who follow the rules and use these programs should be commended. Those who do not are criminals.

Punish the criminals. Do not reward criminal behavior.

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Fletch said...

It's really just unbelievable to me how far off he has gotten. Now it just seems like he wants to push this through because it's the last thing he'd be able to push on. I suspect he wants this to be his "legacy". I don't know what kind of legacy he wants to leave, but he sure is going to leave one...