Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Heading Out

At 0200 we are going to be hitting the road. We are heading up to Loveland Colorado, I have a daughter getting married. She has been with her soon to be husband for 6 years now and it is about time they tied the knot. He is just about perfect. When they were dating in high school I was hoping that he would be the guy for her. He knows several trades, works hard, and takes very good care of my girl. Now only if I could talk them into visiting Texas a bit more often...

I doubt I will be doing much in the way of blogging, so this may be my last post until Monday or Tuesday. Well... I might hop on if I get a free minute over the weekend.

Remember to keep the pressure on the Senate, that Illegal Alien Amnesty Bill has got to go.


Anonymous said...

John drive careful going to Colorado. Congrats around on the wedding of your daughter.

By the way, great site..

Anonymous said...


Shoot me an email by tomorrow night and maybe we can shake hands sometime over the weekend.


Anonymous said...

Careful, it's orange cone season up in the mountains. We joke that the lovely sunsets are actually caused by the all orange cones and orange construction signs that go up in the summer.


Anonymous said...

Congrats on your daughter's marriage!

John R said...

Thanks everyone, it was a great wedding.

Glad you found me Joel, and it has been awhile Brass. Sorry we could not meet up Jeff, it was one busy weekend. Always good to have you stop by Austin, thanks for the sentiment.