Saturday, June 23, 2007

What is Wrong With This Picture?

The District Attorneys in the State of Texas consistently oppose any legislation that seeks to give the free citizens of Texas expanded legal rights to defend themselves. Most recently they worked very hard to derail the Texas Castle Doctrine legislation. I attended the Criminal Jurisprudence Committee's public hearing on HB 284, the Texas Castle Doctrine/Stand Your Ground law, and the several representatives of the DA's testified against the bill. I posted commentary on that hearing here. Not only do the big city District Attorneys oppose a citizens right to protect themselves at the State House, some of them even ignore current law. The DA of Harris County is most notable for this. Two years ago the legislature changed the traveling laws in an attempt to make it clear that the people of Texas had a right to carry a handgun in their vehicle. The legislature did this by amending what is referred to as the "traveling law". To make a long story short, the Harris County DA told the police to ignore the traveling laws and arrest anyone found with a concealed handgun in their vehicle that did not have a CHL. There is a bit more to it than that, but you get the gist of what I am trying to say. The DA's of Texas, especially the metropolitan DA's want to disarm the citizens of Texas and prevent them from defending themselves from goblins.

Wish they would spend more time worrying about goblins such at this:

From the Star Telegram:

By Martha Deller

DALLAS -- An Alvarado man has been sentenced to nearly 22 years in federal prison without possibility of parole in a multistate drug-trafficking conspiracy, according to U.S. Attorney Richard Roper. Juan Antonio Iruegas Jr., 41, pleaded guilty in March to one count of possessing a firearm in furtherance of a drug-trafficking crime. Acting on an informant's tip, authorities raided Iruegas' home, where they seized firearms including an illegal sawed-off rifle, scales, packaging materials and other items consistent with the distribution of methamphetamine. They also found a monitor with live camera feeds showing roads to his residence, according to a news release. Iruegas, who was on state parole when arrested, was sentenced in federal court as a career offender because he has been convicted of multiple felonies, including murder and burglary of a habitation, and has admitted to being a member of the Texas Syndicate gang, the release said.
So, this goblin was on "...state parole when arrested" and "...he has been convicted of multiple felonies, including murder..." Mr. District Attorney. Stop worrying about me and my guns. I am an employed taxpayer, a voter, a homeowner and a free citizen of Texas. I need to carry a .45 every time I leave my house because YOU allow goblins such as this to roam free. YOU put my family and loved ones at risk with your plea deals, early paroles and light sentencing for violent offenders. You help to create some of the problems with the violent gangs with your revolving door justice that releases young gang bangers back into the communities so they can be an example of how to get over, no matter what they do. Yes, you finally got this goblin off the streets. But if you had done your job sooner, he would not have been on the streets to begin with.

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Fits said...

DA's the country over want slam dunks and lots of them. These new fangled and complicated laws are nothing but a hindrance. Why, a man has a gun in the car then he should go to jail. Simple as that. They start taking away all of the easy cases then those impressive conviction ratio's will suffer like nobody's business.