Friday, June 08, 2007

Update on H.R. 1022

It has been awhile since I have posted anything on H.R. 1022, The Federal Assault on Our Firearms. Most folks who keep an eye on anti-gun legislation seem to think that this bill is a non-issue, that it will not make it to the house floor. I hope these folks are correct.

I am still concerned about the potential of this bill being passed out of committee. H.R. 1022 currently has 49 cosponsors. The last two signed as cosponsors on June 6th, just two days ago. The bill has moved from The House Judiciary Committee to the Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism, and Homeland Security. I honestly do not know what this move signifies, or how it affects the odds of the bill making it to the house floor. I do know that four of the sixteen members of this subcommittee are cosigners of the bill.

These are the committee members who also cosigned H.R. 1022:

Representative William Delahunt
(D) Massachusetts, 10th

Representative Sheilia Jackson Lee
(D) Texas, 18th

Representative Martin Meehan
(D) Massachusetts, 5th

Representative Jerrold Nadler
(D) New York, 8th

This committee is made up of 10 Dems and 6 Republicans. If the Democrats decide to push H.R. 1022, it would make it out of committee very easily.

This has just been a friendly reminder that H.R. 1022 is not dead. If you have a spare moment to send an email or a fax to your representative concerning this bill, it would be appreciated.

The text of H.R. 1022

More on H.R. 1022 here.

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