Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Controversial Gun Bill Getting Roadside Attention

Sign in S. Carolina

I have to admit that I smiled when I saw that image. Too bad that it does not reflect the policy of the local leadership of the GOP.

From Fox Carolina:

By Lidia St. Mark

Controversial Gun Bill Getting Roadside Attention

...A sea of signs once polluted a median on Interstate 26 and Highway 221 in Spartanburg County. Now, only one sign remains. The sign reads: "Vote Yes - Make guns legal in public schools - Vote Republican."

Although the sign insinuates Republicans are in favor of a controversial gun bill moving through the state legislature, Spartanburg Republican Chairman Rick Beltram said most Republicans are against the idea. "I think the signs are ugly. I think we also found that they are illegal, immoral and unethical," Beltram said. "They're trying to send a message that the Republican party is endorsing these issues."

This is just one more example of why the GOP is no longer grand. The bill that is alluded to in this article is H.3964. This bill, as originally written, would allow a CHL holder to carry a firearm on school property. The bill was recently amended to only authorize a CHL holder to carry a firearm on school property while the CHL holder remained in his or her vehicle.

So, according to Mr. Beltram, the Spartanburg Republican Chairman, most Republicans in S. Carolina are against the idea of a CHL holder carrying a firearm when dropping off or picking up their children from school. Mr. Beltram would have free citizens, parents, continue to make a decision between protecting their children, and breaking the law.

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Thanks to Grassroots Gun Rights for the update on S. Carolina law.

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