Tuesday, June 05, 2007

The War on Gun Shop Owners

One of my earliest post concerned an agenda by a government entity to close gun dealers and limit the accessibility of firearms to law abiding citizens. That title of that post was Another gun shop closes due to minor clerical errors.

As successful as the BATF has been in the past, they get a bit arrogant when a free citizen stands up to them and uses the courts to hinder actions. Worse yet, they get down right pissy when that free citizen uses the news media and the internet to expose the agenda driven bureau for the anti American establishment that it is.

Of course I am talking about Ryan Horsley and Red's Trading Post.

A quick review for those who may be coming to this story late:

On March 5th, the BATF revoked Red's license to acquire firearms due to minor clerical findings in a 2004 audit. More information here.

On April 9th, David Codrea interviews Ryan Horsley on the blog "The War on Guns". The complete text of the interview is posted here.

May 1st, Red's Trading Post is granted an injunction to continue operations:

Judge Lodge noted in making his decision that “the ATF speaks of violations found during the inspections of 2000 and 2005, but fails to reveal that additional investigations in 2001 and 2007 revealed no violations or problems.” He also notes Red’s statement that ATF is exaggerating Red’s conduct by “double counting” certain violations. Also noted was the balance of the ATF’s hardship compared to Red’s hardship. The judge found “that granting the preliminary injunction would not place the public safety in jeopardy” and “that that the relative hardships tip sharply in favor of Red’s.”
Great news, not only for Red's, but also for the rest of us. The BATF needs a muzzle, and the only branch of our .gov willing to supply that muzzle is the judicial.

Friday, June 1st, Red's announces that they will host the premiere of "The Gang":

Red's Trading Post is pleased to announce the JPFO's decision to premiere their latest documentary The Gang in Twin Falls Idaho. The Gang exposes the abuses of the BATFE, this truly is a movie they do not want you to see.

This will be shown FREE OF CHARGE and Red's Trading Post will also be raffling off a Ruger 10/22 Rifle and other prizes to those who attend.
Winning a small battle in court, bringing to light some of the abuses of the BATF, and then joining forces with JFPO. What a country. We have the freedom to be free and to speak out against .gov abuses. Or do we?

Following the JPFO Alert of my interview with "Talkin to America" we were greeted by 3 ATF Agents, one of which was the Area Supervisor who traveled from Spokane, Washington to inspect us.
Heavy sigh. It appears the JBT's do not like to be opposed.

BATFU Revenging Itself on Red's

To read more about this whole bit of jack booted thuggery, visit The War on Guns commentary on Red's here.

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