Friday, June 22, 2007

More on Immigration Reform

From News 5 (Phoenix AZ)

PHOENIX -- A 46-year-old woman lost her leg Tuesday night and later died after she was hit by an undercover Maricopa County sheriff's deputy who was trying to stop another car.

Phoenix police said the deputy saw a man later identified as Guadalupe Perez-Borjorquez, 26, throwing beer cans out of a moving car. When the deputy pulled up next to the car, police said, Perez-Borjorquez started ramming the deputy's vehicle.

Police said the two vehicles continued swiping each other as they made their way down Durango Street.

Perez-Borjorquez later admitted he was using maneuvers he learned by watching American TV shows, authorities said.

Near 27th Avenue, the deputy's vehicle collided with another car.

Police said the deputy suffered minor injuries and burns, but the woman driving the car was taken to St. Joseph's Hospital in critical condition. Her leg was amputated at the hospital and she later died, according to police.
You know what is coming next.

Perez-Borjorquez faces aggravated assault and second-degree homicide charges.

The sheriff's office said information gathered by immigration-trained deputies revealed Perez-Borjorquez has entered the U.S. illegally at least five different times and has been deported five times.

Deported five times? Does anyone else see a problem with this? One of the few duties of Congress is to protect our sovereignty. Instead of demanding that Homeland Security, the Border Patrol, INS, and state police enforce the rule of law, they are debating a bill that would legitimatize folks who entered this country illegally. This bill would legitimatize Perez-Borjorquez's presence in the United States. Does that bother you? If so, contact your senator and demand that he or she vote against the upcoming cloture vote on the immigration bill. We desperately need to keep this bill from coming to a vote in the Senate.

There are a few senators who are doing the right thing:

From the Houston Chronicle:

By Julie Hirschfeld Davis

GOP Seeks More Immigration Enforcement

Texas Sens. John Cornyn and Kay Bailey Hutchison and Georgia Sens. Saxby Chambliss and Johnny Isakson have all said they would oppose the effort, despite the fact that proposals by Hutchison, Chambliss and Isakson all won coveted slots on a list of two dozen amendments that would be considered before the bill is completed.
A note thanking these senators for their support would be appreciated. They are going against the Administration and the GOP to do what is right, and they should be commended. A vote for cloture is a vote for this bill. A few senator's with an R behind their name are planning on voting for cloture and then vote against the bill itself. If the cloture vote passes, the debate is ended. The Dem's own the Senate and they have enough votes to pass this bill.

Close the borders. Enforce current law. Then discuss immigration reform.

Thanks to Matthew (a reader) for the article from Phoenix.

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