Wednesday, June 06, 2007

The War on Gun Shop Owners Continues

Yesterday I commented upon the abuses by the BATF in their vendetta against Red's Trading Post.

Today we get work that the BATF has submitted a letter to Judge Edward Lodge requesting the termination of the preliminary injunction that was granted to Red’s Trading Post on April 30th by Judge Lodge.

The crimes committed by Red's Trading Post? Keeping records in an alpha/chronological order (as recommended by a previous BATF auditor) vs strict alphabetical order. There are other similar clerical items such as that. Not a single public safety issue. The BATF wants to close down this multi-generational family business just because they can.

It was not that very long ago when you could purchase a firearm in any department or hardware store. Even Sears had their own branded firearms for sale. At that time, firearms did not have a mystique, they were just guns. These days even the big box stores are succumbing to the pressure of the regulatory morass and the bullying of petty bureaucrats. The most recent example is WalMarts decision to pretty much stop selling firearms. The smaller shops are becoming few and far between. The only place many people see firearms are in the movies and on the news. No wonder they become ambivalent about the right to keep and bear arms.

And while there are less and less FFL dealers to audit, the BATF continues to grow. Why is that?

Ryan Horsley, the manager of Red's Trading Post, has started his own blog to help keep us informed of what all is going on in that neck of the woods and with this case. The name of this new blog? Red's Trading Post of course.

Head on over and see what he has to say.

h/t to The War on Guns

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