Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Just Here to do the Work That Americans Will Not Do?

Illegal aliens are considered "illegal" due to the fact that they disregarded American law and entered this country without proper documentation. They broke the law. They continue to break the law while they reside in the United States by using false documentation to obtain jobs, stealing (or purchasing stolen) identities of American citizens, and living every day as a lie. It seems that the Administration is willing to overlook this minor and inconvenient truth as it seeks to bestow legitimacy upon these very illegitimate, illegal aliens. I guess these are not "real" crimes in the eyes of the Administration and many in Congress. But what about the ones that commit "real" crimes, what do we do about them?

From the Houston Chronicle:

By Renèe C. Lee

MAGNOLIA — A 29-year-old man is in jail on a charge of indecency with a child after he slit his wrist and confessed to police that he sexually assaulted 13 children, police said.

A grand jury is expected to hear the case next week.

Mauricio Ojeda told police about the assaults when they responded to an emergency medical call at his house on April 29. Ojeda had self-inflicted cuts on his wrist and no pulse, said Magnolia Police Chief Ronald Cunningham.

Once emergency medical service personnel revived Ojeda, he said had been ''a bad boy" and had sexually assaulted 13 victims who had lived in the house with him, Cunningham said...

...Ojeda was held in federal custody in Houston after he was treated and released from a local hospital because of his illegal status, Cunningham said. The Montgomery County District Attorney's Office later issued an arrest warrant and he was booked into the Montgomery County Jail on May 2, where he remains with bail set at $50,000.
I have a question. If we had secure borders and if we were serious about enforcing our current immigration laws, would this predator have been in the United States? The answer, of course, is most likely not. This is why we have immigration laws, to keep goblins such as this out of our country.

Another question - Why does an illegal alien have the opportunity to make bail?

Just think, under the proposed immigration reform bill, goblins such as Sr. Ojeda will become legal residents of the United States.

If this bothers you, contact your Senator and let them know.

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