Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Grannie get your gun

In the State of Texas, 17,256 people age 60 and over received a CHL in 2006. That is almost 28% of all the CHL's issued during that year. The oldest person to get a CHL in '06 was 92 years old. On a side note, we had seven 19 year olds receive a CHL this past year. The age group that had the highest representation was age 59, which received 3.08% of all CHL's issued in '06. The demographic reports for calender year 2006 (up through October) are to be found here.

Why did I bring this up?

It seems that it is news that our older citizens are armed in Ohio.

From the Plain Dealer:

By Joe Guillen
Grannie get your gun

Even at 69 years old, Russ Geis has enough vitality to bike through Stark County's remote nature trails.

He said the .380-caliber handgun on his handlebars will ensure he's doing it at 70.

Geis is among a growing number of seniors licensed to carry a concealed firearm. Because of the way the state collects such information, it's hard to determine exactly what portion of concealed-carry permit holders are 60 or older. However, some local permit data and anecdotal information indicate they have steadily packed heat since the state's concealed-carry law passed in 2004.
The article goes on to highlight a few other seniors who have accepted the responsibility for their own self preservation. As Mr Geis stated:
"You are out in a park, riding a bicycle trail and all of a sudden you're confronted by a drug addict who would kill you for $5," Geis said. "Are you going to sit there and say, Boy, I hope the police show up?'
Now from the anti's:
But gun-control advocates say society is safer with fewer armed citizens, not more. Senior citizens are no more at risk of being attacked than any other demographic group, said Toby Hoover, executive director of the Ohio Coalition Against Gun Violence.

Also, despite the vulnerability older people might feel, there is a "code" among criminals against attacking women, children and the elderly, said Lt. Reginald Eakins, who's in charge of the division of the Cuyahoga County Sheriff's Office that issues concealed-carry licenses.
What a load of crud. Who is the local crack head going to rob, the 25 year old 6'1" runner, or the 65 year old grandma? Predators attack the weak and frail, it is a fact of life. I do not know who these folks are trying to kid, but it is not working.

Later in the article:

The Cleveland area has had a spate of high-profile attacks on seniors. Two seniors were killed in the city's Slavic Village neighborhood in recent months, including the March beating death of 78-year-old Joseph Krasucki.
What about that "criminal code" Lt Eakins?

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