Monday, June 25, 2007

Good Job Guys!

It is always a pleasant surprise to find news such as this, not a single negative remark to be found.

From the Herald Citizen:

By Ashley Bergthold

COOKEVILLE -- Top Guns, a locally-owned gun shop in Cookeville, has seen some changes take place since the first of the year. The business got a new partner, expanded its product lines and was recognized as a top dealer in Tennessee.
Adam West opened Top Guns in March of 2006 and in January of 2007 William Horner became West's business partner. Both West and Horner were avid gun enthusiasts before becoming owners of the store...

... Top Guns was recently recognized as a Smith and Wesson top gun dealer. According to West, there are only five dealers recognized by the gun manufacturer in Tennessee. The recognition goes to Smith and Wesson top volume dealers, which is based on total gun sales.
It looks like they are doing something right. Good job guys, keep up the good work.

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