Sunday, August 27, 2006

Sunday's Blog of the Week!

It is Sunday, we are finally getting some rain, and I have found a great article to make my first "Sunday's blog of the Week" feature.

Key Taylor of The Liberal Lies, The Conservative Truth posted an article today that compares world events and national attitudes during the build ups to World Wars I and II to events and national attitudes today. He makes a very strong case that we are on the edge of World War III.

Sunday, August 27, 2006


History is our greatest teacher. Though circumstances change and technology advances the basic pretext that has decided events in this world throughout history is essentially the same. People decide the fate of nations and unfortunatly though we have historical evidence that is applicable to events that every generation faces the people who make the decisions that determine those current events fail to recognize past mistakes and follow a similar path to their historical counter part. The world, though with different countries lead by different individuals has always had its aggresors and its peaceful nations with the peaceful nations idealistically thinking that through negotiations and incentives that the aggressors will see the logic of ceasing their aggressive ways. The sad and historical fact is that though peaceful attempts have delayed the aggressor and in nearly every instance give the complete indication that the aggressor has discontinued his aggressive ways and followed the path of peace, after the conflict is completed and the aggressor is defeated the truth reveals that while the aggressor was talking peace behind the scenes he was continuing his build up for war and fulfilling his aggressive goals and plans. Additionally after every conflict each generation has determined that the end of that conflict has brought the world the lasting peace that everyone wishes and that the conflict has ended the will and abilities of the aggressors. Yet wars continue and peace seems to only be fleeting. Don't misunderstand me peace is always a desire and the basic goal of every civilized nation but unfortunatly history proves that those who desire peace continually face aggressors who force their aggressive nature on others whether in their own country, neighboring countries or a group of people whether ethnically or religiously similar.

With history as a teacher the I ask this question. With the circumstances that we face today are we on the brink of a third World War and from a historical stand point where are we if the possibility of World War exists ? First with the war against Islamic Fascism taking many forms and appearing on several battlefields as well as countries throughout the world ranging from the Middle East to India, From Europe to the Phillipines and yes even the United States and Canada evidence indicates that this war has reached world purportions which also would indicate that it is quickly becoming a world conflict...

Ken continues to build his case, and the conclusions he puts forward are hard to dispute. This is a blog well worth adding to your bookmarks and reading often.

I am of the opinion that we are on the verge of another world wide war. I feel that unlike the first two world wars, this one will have more battles on United States soil. I use the word "more" because 9/11 was a major attack on our soil, and was the first blow in a battle that we have taken to the Middle East. Recent events prove that the enemy is working hard to bring the battlefield back to the United States. I have to wonder what it will take for the American public to come to the conclusion that we are involved in a world war, and then what will have to occur for the politicians to finally work together for the good of the country?

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The Liberal Lie The Conservative Truth said...

Thanks for the Blog of the Week and for highlighting my article. Welcome to the blogoshpere. With the possibility of WWIII around the corner it is good to have people of like mind getting the conservative word out so that the public and the politicians can see the truth and the light as we figth this war against Islamic Fascism.