Sunday, September 10, 2006

Sunday's Blog of the Week!

Irons in the Fire posted a short, but important blog this week titled "Practical vs. 'best' accuracy". He stated:

Best accuracy is what you can get under ideal conditions; the best possible load for accuracy under the best possible firing conditions with the best possible aiming system.

Practical is what you can get with the best ammo for THAT USE with standard sights under field conditions. That's how I put it, anyway.

I would like to take this concept just a bit further. Pratical accuracy is what you can achieve under stress with the firearm that you carry, use for home defense, or hunt with.

Each of these uses of a firearm involve stresses that you really can not duplicate at a firing range. All you can do is train. Send lots of ammo down range under stressful situations that you can develop. Accuracy under a timer, or while moving or at distance. Shooting with friends can increase the stress level by adding a little competition. Go to a formal training class, especially if you carry a firearm for self defense or plan to use one to defend your home. Professional training will not only help you improve your marksmanship under stress, but should give you good ideas for training at your home range.

Irons in the Fire is a great blog and very much worthy of being "Blog of the Week"

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Firehand said...

Well, thank you.

First time I tried playing guitar and singing into a recorder to play back, the stress for me was the same as playing in front of a live audience; surprising, but it did make it good practice.

Like you say, almost anything that gets your stress levels up and your heart pumping before you make the first shot can help.