Friday, March 28, 2008

Ronnie Barrett in Action

Ronnie Barrett is a leader in the firearms industry, an individual of strong moral courage, and a man after my own heart. When California banned the sale of .50 caliber rifles to it's citizens, Ronnie Barrett stopped selling his rifles to California state agencies, and servicing those they already owned.

With "Lies and Fear Mongering in Hawaii" I commented on the attempt to ban .50 caliber rifles in that beautiful state. The proposed legislation failed, but the anti's are hard at it with a very public dis-information campaign being lead by the Honolulu Police Chief.

Ronnie Barrett has entered the debate, and he has done it with style.

From the Hawaii Reporter:

The act of a governmental entity banning commercial sales of legal firearms, such as my .50 caliber rifle, not only violates the basic principles of the United States Constitution, but also puts national security at risk by ending the delicate balance between the government and the private sector.
It is an excellent editorial that is well worth your time.

H/T to Kim

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the pistolero said...

Ronnie Barrett's a real stand-up guy. If everyone running the gun companies had stones one-tenth the size of his, there would be no threat to the RKBA in this country.