Friday, December 12, 2008

The Results Are In

Last Friday I posted Employer Parking Lots and Firearms - A Poll. During this past week over 4200 people visited the site. A thousand came for the Plaxico Burress on Firearm Safety video and several hundred came in on Castle Doctrine or Assault Weapons Ban posts. Some folks came to the site late and may not have scrolled down to the post, so I am going to guess that at least 1500 people saw the poll, 143 voted. The issue must not be hitting a lot of folks hot buttons. This is kind of what I had expected. Most people are not worried about their employers searching their cars at work. This type of legislation would affect a very small percentage of gun owners, but it is important never the less. This is legislation, that if worded properly, we need to support.

On to the results:

Poll Results

Thanks for participating, Peter and I really do appreciate it.

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