Thursday, July 30, 2009

An Important Message for Texas Voters

From my friend Ken. Ken is one of the organizers for the Dallas Tea Party Group and the Director of the North Texas Gun Owners.

From Ken:

I'm going to ask you, right now, to mark the date MARCH 2, 2010 on your calendar. If you don't recognize the date, don't sweat it. Unfortunately, March 2, 2010 will come and go without much notice from the substantial majority of Texans.

It won't, however, go unnoticed owing to a lack of importance. QUITE THE CONTRARY. March 2, 2010 is an election day, when the outcome of most of our federal and state races will be determined.

Now, you may be forgiven for thinking, as most do, that most outcomes are decided in NOVEMBER, but you would be wrong. In MOST races, the voting taking place in November is merely a FORMAL RATIFICATION of the results of the primary election in March.

In other words, MOST races are essentially decided once the primary election is finished. This is particularly true in legislative races, which involve districts SPECIFICALLY DESIGNED to ensure that one party or the other will ALWAYS win a particular district. The substantial majority of races are not competitive in the November election, because they are not INTENDED to be. It's called "gerrymandering", and it's designed into our political system at every level. As politicians will tell you, "it's not a bug--it's a feature!"

In MOST races, the ONLY realistic way to affect the outcome of the GENERAL election in NOVEMBER is to affect the outcome of the PRIMARY election in MARCH. In most cases, by the time you get to November, THE GAME IS ALREADY UP.

The CRITICAL point is this: whatever change you may hope to get done in the next election cycle, you must go from March 2, 2010 and work backwards to TODAY. Yes, there will still be PLENTY of work to do after March 2, but the number of possible outcomes will be substantially diminished at that point. In each race in which the citizens fail to get a GOOD candidate on the ballot, they will be faced, ONCE AGAIN, with a choice between CRUMMY and AWFUL.

Let's not let that happen.

Let's go get 'em.

- K

We have some very critical primary elections coming up this go around. From high profile races like the Texas Governor race and the battle for Kay Bailey Hutchison's Senate seat to quite a few Texas House and Senate seats. This is our opportunity to let those who obstructed the passage of the Parking Lots and Campus Carry Bills know just exactly how we feel about their poor judgement.


Keith said...

March 2 also happens to be Independence Day in Texas, as well as Sam Houston's birthday.

John R said...

That is a true statement, and a good reminder.

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