Saturday, August 01, 2009

Need Some Phone Help

I know squat about the new smart phones. I know the IPhone has some cool aps that I would use (shot timer, ballistics to name a couple), but I don't know if these type of aps can be run on other phones.

It is well past time I upgraded my cell phone. I need easy email access and an easy to use keyboard. I need a phone that is, you know, a quality phone. Imaging and MP3 capabilities are nice options that I would use, but are not my primary focus.

Under my plan, I can upgrade to one of these phones without breaking the bank.

An iPhone 3G - 16GB Refurb)

A Samsung Impression (Refurb)

A Nokia Surge

A Motorola Karma QA1

And a BlackBerry Pearl 8110

The internal memory and the screen size of the iPhone are large pluses. The Surge has a very nice display and the BlackBerry is a BlackBerry.

Any of you have a good recommendation for me on this one? Right now I am leaning towards the iPhone, but I have not made up my mind yet.


TheRealEdwin said...

Forget everything you just read and only consider these.

*iPhone 3GS. It's worth the price over a 3G.
*T-Mobile G1 or Hero. You can buy them and have it unlocked for a small fee and run them on AT&T if that is your carrier. You won't get 3G speeds but the software is worth it.
*BlackBerry. A few models here you can try. The Curve 8520 is probably your best bet.

The apps you specifically mentioned are iPhone only as far as I know. So unless you don't want or need them, you're pretty much stuck on the iPhone.

Unknown said...

My wife and I really like our iPhones. I coming from a Windows based PDA phone. My wife being very picky about phones.

I was worried she might not like it when we got it. But she loves it. Does a lot of her computing on it now.

The only two real downsides to the iPhone platform are AT&T's sucky network and Apple's uber-control freakishness (which can be by-passed with a jailbreak)

Old NFO said...

I'd stay away from Blackberry... If you want to run ballistics, you'll either need an Iphone or a Palm, and Palms DON'T hold up.

Tim Covington said...

iPhone apps can not run on other platforms (there may be similar apps on other platforms). I have a refurbished iPod Touch in 32gb. I love it. I use it for reading books, listening to music, watching movies, and running applications.

Florian said...

I have a an old school iPhone 2G (my fiance has a 3G), just get the iphone ;) None of the others have any where close to the selection's of app's as the IPhone. I've got a Blackberry Curve for work as well...its just annoying, clunky, and UI isn't as polished. The blackberry is lighter than my iphone 2g though...and its easy to tether it to a laptop for internet access.

Alan said...

I've had a cell phone since 1992.

I've had an iPhone since the day they came out in 2007. I have a 3GS now.

The iPhone is the best cell phone I've ever had.

BUT. AT&T is very hit or miss depending on where you live. DFW happens to have fairly decent 3G coverage. If you leave DFW or live outside the 3G coverage area you won't be happy with AT&T at all.

randy.andrews said...

let me be another to say, yea, go with the iphone. i love mine. doubt i will ever have another type of phone. i got a 3g refurb about a month ago, and have not had any problems out of it.

Anonymous said...

Get the iPhone 3G or 3GS. For instance, I've got the full version of BulletFlight Level-M loaded (more info at Now I'm just trying to find the OtterBox and mounting bracket.

John R said...

The iPhone it is then. Thanks guys.

pops1911 said...

Of course you could skip all the bells & whistles & just use a phone rather than getting a do-it-all for a large monthly fee. My phone plan costs me $7 a month - I cannot justify spending the $99 or so they want to run an iPhone etc. Just more money wasted & less ammo can be bought.

Todd said...

There is no competition for the iPhone, period. I still use the first gen iPhone and it kills any crackberry or anyother poser phone.

Do It!

Mulligan said...

doh! I'm prob too late ....

I'm on my 8th iphone. it's been slightly more than a year.

at one point I went so long without using the at&t service they called me up and asked if I wanted to pro-rate my bill.

Apple phone tech support is awesome about getting bad phones diagnosed and swapped out.

the iphone is good for many things but imo it stinks as a phone.

f said...

The guy who went though 8 iphones. Are you shooting them? Or treating them like dirt? I dont think anybody else has went though so many. I know people who broke 1 or 2, but not 8.

Unknown said...

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