Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Taking Shape for Life - Week 13

Let me start out this update by first saying "Thank You" to all the folks who have been encouraging me and leaving such supportive comments in my weight loss update posts. I do appreciate your kindness and support.

A few of you have commented that you are using some of the same principles that I am to lose weight, just doing it without the convenience of prepackaged grab and go meals. Once out of the weight loss phase of my program, I will also be making each of my smaller meals for the day. A book that I have found to be very helpful is Dr. A's Habits of Health (The Path to Permanent Weight Control and Optimal Health). Doctor Anderson is the co-founder of Take Shape for Life, and his book can also be found on the Take Shape for Life website. Dr. Anderson's book supports both the 5 & 1 Plan that I am using for my weight loss program, and a do-it-yourself plan for weight loss. This book goes much further than that even, this book gives you to tools to achieve a long lifetime of ultimate health. Check it out.

Now for the results of Monday's weigh in.....

On Monday morning I weighed 208.5 pounds, made it to under 210 in 13 weeks. I have lost 64 1/2 pounds in 13 weeks, very near a 5 pound/week average. I know I am starting to sound like a bloody late night infomercial, but this program really works. My success is not some isolated incident. I mentioned previously that I am so impressed with my success that I have decided to join with the company to help others have the same success as I have. I am now coaching a small group of folks who want to lose weight and get healthy. One couple that I am helping has already lost 35 pounds between them in the first two weeks. That is way cool, and yeah, that gets me pumped up. I really enjoy helping people.

I am getting near my goal of 190 pounds. When I started 13 weeks ago, I was not so sure that I would be able to do this. A healthy weight seemed out of reach. Now I am almost there. It is getting close to time for me to order my new Milt Sparks belt, I have been wanting one of these for a very long time.


USCitizen said...

Kudos & congrats. You passed me!

(I weighed in at 211 just a moment ago).

Old NFO said...

Well done JR! Spend that money, you deserve it! :-)

Bob S. said...


Great work. You are close to inspiring me to loose some weight.

Another good book to read is Larry North's Living Lean. Same principles, probably won't teach you anything new, but also has some recipes for meals in the back.

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