Wednesday, August 30, 2006

For $15, you can match wits with immigration

While digging through the daily news looking for something blog worthy, I came across this little gem in the Houston Chronicle:
EL ALBERTO, MEXICO — "Run! They're on our tails!" shouted a man in a ski mask as he led 15 people down a steep ravine and into a thorn-infested thicket. Gunshots pierced the night air. Sirens wailed. Then came a voice, sounding like the Border Patrol. "Don't cross the river!" someone yelled in a heavy accent. "Go back to Mexico where you belong!"

Welcome to one of Mexico's strangest tourist attractions:

A park where visitors pay $15 to hike across fields and through treacherous ravines, a grueling experience aimed at simulating an illegal journey across the U.S.-Mexico border. "We want this to be an exercise in awareness," said Alfonso Martinez, who acts as the chief smuggler at EcoAlberto Park in central Mexico. "It's in honor of all the people who have gone in search of the American Dream." The park, funded in part by the Mexican government, compares crossing the border to an "extreme sport" and tells participants that they, too, can "trick the Migra," slang for the Border Patrol.

We all know that the Mexican government is handing out booklets on how to safely cross the border of the United States illegally. We also know that the movements of the United States Border Patrol and the Minutemen are being publicised by the Mexican government on web sites so all can find easy areas to cross. This little bit of news caught me by surprise. They actually have a mini training camp, with funding from the Mexican government, to help teach people how to cross the border.

This just highlights the need to secure our borders. Not "better" secure our borders, but totally secure our borders. It is estimated that 500,000 illegals cross our Southern border each year, and they cross with the help of the Mexican government. Mexico is not going to do anything to stop the flood of illegals into the United States, they just keep opening consulates in our cities.

Call, fax, email and write your state and federal representatives and let them know that stopping the flood of illegal immigration is a necessity and is non negotiable.

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