Monday, April 16, 2007

32 And Counting...

Throughout the day I have been thinking of what to say about the psycho who killed so many at Virginia Tech today..

Fits pretty much has it covered:

Since I'm certainly not a liberal lunatic, the one MOST responsible is the man with the deadly intent. But lets pass around some of the blame in the direction of the politicians and law enforcement traitors who forbid that collegians protect themselves, and the cowardly bastards that didn't rush in and stop this in the bud. People died because they were not allowed to fight back. More died than should have because whomever was in charge of providing protection was asleep at the switch.

This will be used by anti-gunners ad nauseum, because instead of sharing the responsibility they pass the buck.

Where are the men. Where are the patriots to see through this charade and at long last say enough is quite enough...
The fact that one armed psycho goblin could do this points out the massive failure of gun free school zones. I know, it will not be long before the blood dancers are frolicking in the gore left in the wake of this shooting, telling all who listen that just a couple more "reasonable" gun laws will prevent such an episode from happening again. Curse them, and curse the pantie wastes that enable them.

True reason understands that we continue to live in a dangerous and unpredictable world. Reason insists that we use our abilities to think and observe our surroundings to avoid danger and control our environment as much as possible. A reasonable man will also become skilled in the use of the most efficient tools available to protect himself, his family and those around him from potential random acts of violence. This slaughter could have been stopped. It could have been stopped in the dorm, and should have been stopped in the engineering building. One of the witnesses stated that she recognized gunfire because she had been a target shooter from an early age. That was just one young lady who could have ended this rampage early.

The right to self protection is a law of nature. Each and every living creature has some means of protection. The antelope has it's speed, and the porcupine it's quills. Humans have their ability to use tools, and firearms are often the best tool for the job of self defense. If concealed carry was an option at Virginia Tech, we would be reading about the heroes who put a stop to this mindless slaughter. Instead, we read of body counts.

As for those who have disarmed us, who daily chip away at out ability to protect ourselves...
They disgust me beyond words.
It took only one dedicated goblin to cause this much carnage in our school system. Just think what will happen when trained and coordinated terrorist make their move and put their "chilling plan" into action.


The Mad Hatter said...

You might want to look over Michelle Malkin's coverage of the incident. It is excellent.

Fits said...

Schools throughout the nation cram these kids together like sheep awaiting the shearing, then brag about how no-guns allowed policies are keeping them safe.There is no end to the lunacy perpetrated by these cowards.

John R said...

The Michelle Malkin link is a good one, thanks. From there I found:

Even some of the MSM is picking up on the antics of the Blood Dancers and finding them as repugnant as I do. They allow comments.