Thursday, September 27, 2007

Good Job to Irving Texas

From the Star Telegram:

Irving police have been screening arrested people and have turned over 1,373 to Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials this year. Data from the city show that the number of prisoners turned over to ICE is increasing.

About four illegal immigrants a month were identified among people arrested in Irving before police began the Criminal Alien Program, according to police data.

About 50 a month were identified after police started the program in September 2006.

About 130 a month were being identified by April.

Up to 300 a month are being identified now, according to the mayor.
Now that is good news. The police working with ICE to deport criminal illegals. The mayor and city council of Irving have instructed the police force to screen everyone who is arrested to determine their citizenship or immigration status, and turn the illegals over to ICE. This is what every police department in the country should be doing.

The article I pulled these statistics from?

It is this one by Patrick McGee:

Mr. McGee also wrote:

Carlos Quintanilla organized the protest against the police program, in which officials screen all inmates for possible referral to federal immigration authorities. He urged the crowd to boycott Irving businesses and to call the mayor to demand an end to deportations.
This has become quite the event here in North Texas. It is a bit depressing to see the images of well over a thousand people protesting the fact that the city is turning illegals who have gotten themselves cross ways with the police over to ICE.

What Irving is doing proves that new laws are not necessary. We do not need a new immigration bill, we need to enforce our current immigration laws. Enforcing the current laws, along with securing the border will go a very long way towards restoring the rule of law and stopping the flood of illegals over our borders.

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