Thursday, June 11, 2009

Over the Past 24 Hours...

...we have received a boatload of rain. One storm would roll through dumping buckets of water on us and then a few hours later here comes another, with just as much rain. At 0330 it was raining as hard as I have ever seen it, pretty much a solid wall of water.

Of course with all this rain came strong winds, hail, and even a small twister or two.

All is well at Casa JR. One of the neighbors trees dropped a branch on the back fence, but there was not much damage at all. I'll just have some cleaning up to do when everything dries out.

Our oldest daughter lives in Little Elm, and she was not so fortunate.

It's interesting how the fence was taken down and the trampoline moved, but the unsecured ladder for the trampoline wasn't moved a bit.

The damage continued down the block.

Those fence posts are relatively new 4X4's snapped off right at the ground. It was quite the little Straight Line Wind Downburst to create such linear damage. There is also some roof damage to the houses along the path of the downburst, but nothing major. Our daughter and the grand kids were not home at the time, but this wind gave the neighbors a pretty good scare.

I just noticed that you can see where the trampoline sat next to the ladder. The trampoline was staked, the ladder was not.


Old NFO said...

Yep, classic straight line gust, probably in excess of 70kts. Glad everyone is okay!

Unknown said...

A tree got hit by lightning and landed in the bed of my truck. Luckily for my tool box and my diamond plate side rails only the paint was scratched.

Crucis said...

The ladder has a much, much lower wind-load (i.e., surface area affected by wind) that the trampoline. The trampoline's flat surface acts like an airfoil during high winds and creates lift. This effect can be seen with soft cargo carriers on top cars. The carrier will bulge upward due to the lift generated as the car speeds down the highway.

It's physics.

Rabbit said...

I lost 5 fence panels. Snapped the 4x4's at the ground on 2, splintered a third. Considering replacing them with galvanized steel posts like most of my neighbors have.


Firehand said...

Weirdest damn things happen in storms

Anonymous said...

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