Thursday, November 15, 2007

Deny Sullivan's Confirmation

David Codrea of "The War on Guns, and Ryan Horsley of "Red's Trading Post" have pointed out several good reasons to oppose Michael J. Sullivan's confirmation as head of the ATF.

David recommends that we Sink Sullivan Now .

And Ryan points out that it is - URGENT: Contact Senators to Deny Sullivan's Confirmation.

It is very important that we do what we can to express our displeasure at this nomination. Michael Sullivan is a virulent gun grabber who would do his best to force Massachusetts style firearms laws upon the rest of us. Read what David and Ryan have to say, follow the links they provide that prove what type of man Sullivan really is, and if you he would be a disaster as permanent head of the ATF, then voice your opinion to your Senators.

Update: 45Superman of "Armed and Safe" joins in with Help put the brakes on Sullivan confirmation.


Fits said...

I've been in contact with my representatives on this subject; far be it from me to allow a respectful bitch session to escape notice. We go through the motions but without help there isn't a damned thing that we can really do about such appointments. The liberals see our dislike of the man as proof positive that he's perfect for the position, and Bush isn't going to the mat for us. Florida Senators are issuing assurances that neither the ATF nor any federal entity is going to bring about new gun restrictions, and when I bitch to Sen. Martinez about how horrific it has been dealing with ATF his people look at me as if I'm daft. ANYONE dealing with ANY regulatory arm of the government has it far from easy so why should this instance be any different. Most reps are leery of people vociferously complaining about ATF, because ATF itself tells them that all need be done is the proper paperwork and if a business can't do that then it doesn't belong in business. They point to the "fact" that Wally World and the other big boxes have no problem at all so whats with the mom & pop's making noise.

Bottom line is the fact that if one is not a gunny one can't understand the problem.They ain't, they're never going to be, and they are not going to help.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the heads up. Emailed Texas Senators Kay Bailey Hutchinson and John Cornyn. Thanks to David Codrea and JR for keeping us informed. Please take the time to e-mail or call, so this gun grabber is not appointed to the ATF.

John R said...

Fits, at the minimum, our letters will let them know that we are paying attention.

I did include a comment in my letter that addressed the ATF's vendetta against FFL holders:

"We have already lost over 200,000 small businesses, many of these losses due to heavy handed prosecution of minor clerical errors and paperwork inefficiencies. We need an individual to head the BATFE who understands that the responsibility of protecting individual freedoms and liberties is just as important as fighting terrorism and arresting violent criminals."