Saturday, August 23, 2008

Blackwater, Day 2

That image pretty much says it all. We spent the day shooting with Todd Jarrett. That image was taken in the middle of my sixth magazine in the last stage. My grip has slipped a bit, but this was one running and gunning stage.

We started the day working on grip. Todd worked with each of us to got our hands in the correct grip. He then drew alignment marks on our hands so that we could check our grip as the day went on. This was very effective. Yes, my grip had slipped towards the end of that last stage, but I have the tools to improve.

The first drill of the day was against turning targets. Starting from the low ready, concentrating on maintaining a good grip, we had two seconds to empty a magazine into the target with good hits. The focus was on grip and getting quality hits. Todd is a shooter and we put plenty of brass on the ground. We ran through each new drill several times, refilled our mags and did it again. If you weren't shooting, you were loading magazines.

We moved on to two shot drills from the holster on steel, then shooting from 25 yards. After lunch it was shooting on the move. We were moving, the steel was moving, and during the last stage we had two movers, three stationary plates, twelve falling plates, four barricades and pink flamingos. Okay, no pink flamingos but they would have fit right in. It took most of us six or seven mags to get through that stage.

It was a great day, and for tomorrow, we get the shoot house.


Just John said...

That course with the movers looks like it would be a ton of fun, and a heck of a challenge.

John R said...

It was a good challenge, and a whole lot of fun. Especially with Todd behind your shoulder yelling "Don't miss, get it, here it comes don't let it get you, shoot shoot".

Anonymous said...

I wish I was there too.

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