Friday, August 29, 2008

Just in Case You Missed It

Governor, and soon to be Vice President, Sarah Palin's speech:

H/T to The Hot Joints

John McCain has done the unexpected and made it so that I am excited about supporting his ticket for the Presidency. Sarah Palin is an excellent choice and is one of two that he could have chosen to get my full support for his campaign.

McCain/Palin - That's The Ticket!


Anonymous said...

Governor Palin is a great choice for VP, she is not a Washington insider like Joe Biden and actually has more experience then Obamo.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you. I'm absolutely thrilled about Gov. Palin. I desperately wanted McCain to pick someone who would shake things up and get some excitement going, and I thought maybe Lieberman was the answer. Palin however, is absolutely perfect. She's a game changing candidate who will attract women and moderate Democrats. To top it all off she thrills the right-wing of the party as well so everybody wins. We have a real chance to defeat Barack Obama now and I look forward to the election.

Frances Clements said...

I love Gov. Palin, but I will never vote for McCain the Gun Grabber.

Anonymous said...

To-- applied christianity--have you check out Obamo's voting record on gun control. Obamo is the worst anti-gun politician ever, so are you going to vote at all or are you going liberal and ruin this great country.

John R said...

Applied Christianity - That makes it even more important that you go out and support the down ticket candidates that you will vote for, and support them with vigor. We do have representatives in office that have opposed, and will continue to oppose, McCain's attempts to do away with private sales of firearms. McCain is 80% supportive of gun rights and Palin appears to be behind us 100%. On the other side of the coin, both Obama and Biden are 100% against the private ownership, not just sales, ownership of firearms.

Dick Cheny effectively opposed Bush on gun control when it mattered, I am hoping that Palin can do the same if the issue comes before McCain.

We will have no one on our side if the Obama/Biden team make it into the White House.

Tony; If you have read AP's comments in the past, you will see that there is no way she will support Obama.

Frances Clements said...

I am basing my gun-grabber opinion of McCain on GOA's F- rating of him. (Which is worse than Obama's F and Hillary Clinton's F and Joe Biden's F.) So I would be interested to hear how you think he is more pro-gun than Obama/Biden.

You are right. I would certainly never vote for Obama, and I am supporting the real conservatives in my area.

As for Palin standing up for guns and McCain actually being swayed by her. . .
It may happen, but I would be amazed that John McCain could stop being a maverick for long enough to let anyone change his opinion on anything. He is an arrogant tempormental man.

Anonymous said...

I know for a fact that Barack Obama voted in favor of banning ALL handgun ownership while he was in the Illinois Senate.

Contrast that with John McCain's vote against renewing the assault weapons ban.