Saturday, January 03, 2009

Day at the Gun Show

This was not a normal day at the gun show for me, I did not have much time to walk the tables and see what all was available as I was helping out with the Texas State Rifle Association (TSRA) recruiting table in the afternoon.

The afternoon started with lunch at the Original Market Diner with Ken Emanuelson and a few other folks from the North Texas Gun Owners. The diner is near enough to Market Hall that folks could walk from the gun show to lunch if they wanted. This was a good thing as the road between Market Hall and the diner was closed for construction. We spent the hour talking guns, politics and blogging over a good selection of diner style lunches. Many of the clientele of the dinner are politically left of center and one of the guys in the couple I was talking with while waiting for Ken to arrive asked us not to shoot up the place when he saw the "North Texas Gun Owners" buttons Ken and the other were wearing.

The line to get into the gun show was still quite long at 1:00, I am glad that I was working the show this time and did not have to wait to get in. I met my friend Phil at the freight entrance and he gave me the vendors button that got me in the back door. We talked with a few folks at the TSRA, and even signed a few up. Most of those we spoke with professed to already being members of the organization.

I saw that Tiger Valley had a table so I took a quick break to go over and say hi to T.J., the owner and lead instructor at that great range. On the way over I saw a banner for something called "Tactical Girls". I thought that might be a group that V would be interested in, a woman only action shooting type organization. I was wrong, but, I am glad I stopped by the table. Tactical Girls is a girls and guns calendar.

Much more than just girls with guns, Tactical Girls™ captures the raw sensuality of these powerful female action characters in realistic settings with some of the world’s most exotic weaponry.
Tactical Girl "Rachel" was working the table, signing calendars and talking with people.

This is Rachel.

Tactical Girl - Rachel

Rachel was fun and engaging to talk with. I purchased a calendar and she included V in her message when she autographed the calendar. This stop did not leave much time for me to say hi to TJ, so back to the TSRA table I went.

It looked to be a busy gun show, and we did recruit more members for the Texas State Rifle Association. If you live in Texas, and you own a firearm, you really should become a member of the Texas State Rifle Association.


Anonymous said...

Good on you for helping the TSRA.

And thanks for the fun times at the range yesterday!

Phil said...

Thank you for helping the TSRA yesterday and thanks for helping me.

You have great technique with the visitors. It has both a style and a substance. I admire it highly.

Guess I missed the tactical girls on Sunday. Pity, they must have moved on. Phil