Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Trans-Texas Corridor is dead ... officially

From the Star Telegram Blog, Honkin' mad:

Call it the worst kept secret in Austin: the Trans-Texas Corridor is dead.

Amadeo Saenz Jr., executive director of the Texas Department of Transportation, admitted as much on Tuesday when he unveiled a new plan for handling future cross-state traffic.
This is great news for Texas, and likely good news for Governor Rick Perry's reelection bid when he runs against Kay Bailey.

The Trans-Texas Corridor was Governor Perry's pet project, and its passing will be praised by many. The proposed TTC was a mile wide corridor to run from Mexico North through Texas. The .gov would have had to use eminent domain to acquire much of the land needed for this project, land that had been held by families for generations. I believe that some of these families would have done much more than talk to prevent this mile wide thoroughfare from dividing their land. I am very happy that this project is dead.

You know, even if a major transportation corridor is necessary between Mexico and Canada, Texas is not the best location for the project. I believe that the I25 corridor, pretty much a straight shot North and South, would be a much better choice for such a project.


Anonymous said...

That ought to slow down the formation of the North American Union for at least a few years.....

Glad to hear it though. Hate to see people's property taken for boondoogles like this....

Anonymous said...

Awesome! As I live in Bastrop County, there was always concern that we'd get steamrolled by the TTC.


catfish said...

good news!

AlanDP said...

Heh. During Christmas my dad and I teamed up in an argument against this atrocity with some of our more pig-headed relatives who think the government always knows what it's doing and always has our best interests at heart. This should make them feel a few seconds of confusion before the next dose of soma kicks in.

Rabbit said...

Good news. Glad to read about it; I hadn't seen this previously.

I-20 bisected my family's place back in the 60's. Seems like they paid us $20 per acre or so for about 300 acres that they condemned. We'd taken them to court and lost. I hate to see any project trying to play the Eminent Domain game.


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