Friday, January 02, 2009

A Day at the Range

Today was just about a perfect day to hit the range. A clear sky, a very slight breeze, and the temperature reached the mid 70's. USCitizen (from Traction Control) and I arrived first and I found a table to spread my tools of the day.

USCitizen had his own table, and I am sure he will post images of all the fun stuff he brought to the show. Other than firearms, USCitizen brought a couple of younger shooters to keep us old guys in check.

Then stringer corespondent for A Keyboard and a .45, Tony 3 Dogs, arrived with his new Remington R-15 and a few other goodies to round out the firing line.

What the heck is he shooting at?

That yellow object high in the splash is a tennis ball. Bouncing tennis balls out of the water is quite a blast, especially when you get them several stories up in the air. Sinking the tennis ball is a no no, so you want to miss by just the right amount to throw the ball high in the air.

I do believe that a good time was had by one and all.


Mr. Fixit said...

That range looks familiar. Is it the location of the FAL river shoot?

Mr Fixit

Mulligan said...

It was a beautiful day, I wish I'd had time to go along.

I was there in spirit while working on the car though.

John R said...

Mr. Fixit;

I've never been to the FAL River Shoot, this range is on Beltline off 45.


It really was a beautiful day, there will be more.

Mr. Fixit said...

That sounds like the one. Went there as a guest of James. That's the one Micky is on right? Bridge just to the left of where you shoot, and a 400 yd gong (old cylinder) in the bend of the river to the right.

Mr Fixit

John R said...

That's it. More cylinders out there now. A fun place to shoot if you just want to shoot.

John R said...

I still have one hella lot of gun cleaning ahead of me. The Mosin Nagant took a lot longer to clean than I expected. I thought I would never pull a clean patch through that bore.

Secure said...

That place looks like a blast. Nice blog too. Heard about it from Tony.

Frances Clements said...

My husband and I really wanted to come to this, but we had to go pick up our kids at my mom's. It sounds like you all had a great time.

Anonymous said...

Sorry I missed it, I had to do some tire work to my truck to get it inspected.

John R said...

For those of you who missed it, there will be a next time.

Secure, thanks for stopping by, let me know when you are open for business.