Saturday, February 09, 2008

Day at the Gun Show

This weekend's gun show is the "Original Fort Worth Gun Show". I have to tell you that they did a great job with this show. I arrived about an hour after it opened on Saturday morning, and the place was already busy. This time they filled two halls at the Amon G. Carter Exhibit Building, and there were two lines to get into the show. The lines were long, but they moved quickly and it was not long before I was into the first hall.

The first table that caught my eye was Panther City Firearms (these folks need to get a web site). You may remember that Panther City Firearms was one of the outstanding dealers that stepped up and supported National Exercise Your Rights Day last August. They had several tables and a good selection of DPMS firearms to choose from.

I went to the show looking for the new Ruger LCP and there were none to be found. I guess when Ruger says they will not be out until March, they kind of mean it. I did end up purchasing a new Pelican case for transporting firearms to Louisville for the NRA Annual Meeting, a magazine for my Ruger MK 1, and a couple of other smaller items.

The dealers were doing a brisk bit of business. I heard one dealer tell a customer that there were 12 people ahead of him to fill out paper work, another had 8 filling out paperwork and folks lined up behind them and a third had 6 in the seats with a line waiting. It was busy, and it was packed. I think everyone made money this weekend.

With the size of the crowd, there was not much time to window shop. One interesting little rifle I saw was the Taurus .17HMR pump action. It looked kind of interesting, maybe something to pick up for the "grand kids" one of these days.

Taurus .17HMR

It sure appears that the promoters of this show are looking to give the Dallas Market Hall show a run for it's money.

Competition, ain't it great.

After I left the show, I had time to go watch V shoot the qualifier for her CHL. Her class had over 60 people in it. They shot the qualifier in groups of 20. One instructor and 5 safety officers. I think that all of people helping with the course were Fort Worth LEO's. It is great to see this much interest in CHL's, over 60 people in this class alone, I sure hope this trend keeps up. V and our friends who also attended the class passed and are well on the way to legally being able to provide for their own self defense while out and about.


the pistolero said...

I went & priced the LR-308 with the 24" barrel last week and asked the dealer how long it'd take to get it and he told me a couple of weeks. Something tells me I'd better get on that before the wait gets longer.

Fits said...

Ya know, I've been looking for a .17 pump ever since the last Hogtown Irregular Squirrel Day Of Discipline, when Ert took home the big prize by out-bagging my Remington .22 LR by nearly 2-1. Thanks for reminding me.

JR said...

Now Fits, you have to remember, if I get one of these, it's for the grand kids ;)

Fits said...

Well. You could always adopt me. But the food bill would kill ya. Then there's alla that ammo too.

USCitizen said...

I managed to stroll through the Ft. Worth Gun Show today as well.

I must have just missed seeing you.

I was shopping for some .50 BMG rounds but all I found was some of Austrian manufacture.

$5 a round for ball and $10 a round for tracer.