Sunday, February 03, 2008

A Bit of Contrast

Phlegmfatale posted the video of Suzanna Hupp's testimony against the Assault Weapons Ban.

Here is a quick bit of background for those of you who may not be familiar with Suzanna Hupp.

On Oct. 16th, 1991, Suzanna and her parents were having dinner at a Luby's restaurant in Kileen. During that dinner, a goblin drove his truck in to the restaurant and started shooting people. All in all 24 people were killed that day, two of them Suzanna's parents.

Here is how Suzanna describes that day:

Suzanna went on to become a Texas State Legislator and sponsored our "Shall Issue" CHL law. Suzanna continues to be a strong advocate for a citizen's right to keep and bear arms.

Suzanna lived through a great tragedy, she rose up and was proactive in seeing that we would not be forced to live through such a tragedy ourselves.

Contrast her actions to those of Colin Goddard, the numb nuts who was shot four times at VA Tech, yet still believes that we should all be rendered defenseless by the .gov. He is actively working with the anti's to further restrict our right to keep and bear arms. He refuses to defend himself and those he loves, and would require the rest of us to be just as defenseless. He is a coward. In order to make his cowardice less painful to his conscience, he has taken on the task of declawing those of us who by our acceptance of the responsibility to defend ourselves highlight his lack of masculinity for all the world to see.

Suzanna Hupp lives in the real world and has been successful in improving that world for the rest of us. Colin Goddard lives in fear that his cowardice will be discovered, and is doing all he can to force the rest of us to be just like him.

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