Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Second Amendment Blog Bash

It is a done deal. The hotel reservations are made (Executive Inn), the airline tickets purchased, and all is good to go for V and I to attend this year's NRA Annual Meeting & Exhibits.

Hope to see you at the Second Amendment Blog Bash.

Note: Texas does have reciprocity with Kentucky


USCitizen said...

Good deal. See you there!

Bitter Bitch said...

Woo hoo! We just rented the SUV to drive out there today, too. It's cheaper than both of us flying, will take about the same time since there are only a couple of direct flights from DC and Philly leaving us likely stuck with a connection, and it gives us a little more freedom in the Bash planning. :)

Robb Allen said...

Still need to get my airline tickets. But I'll see you there!

Anonymous said...

Note: Texas having reciprocity with Kentucky isn't exactly the issue unless you're licensed in Ky and visiting Texas. Kentucky honors any other state's concealed deadly weapon permit. see Kentucky Revised Statures:

KRS 237.110 (20)(a) reads:
A person who has a valid license issued by another state of the United States to carry a concealed deadly weapon in that state may, subject to provisions of Kentucky law, carry a concealed deadly weapon in Kentucky, and his or her license shall be considered as valid in Kentucky.

JR said...

The State of Texas recognizes concealed weapons permits from several states that do not return the favor, hence the term "reciprocity".

It is good to see KY recognizes all other states licenses/permits. How do they handle VT?

Anonymous said...

In Ky, for us normal type people, if no concealed license then no carrying concealed deadly weapons (which includes much more than just handguns).

Vermont extends the right to carry without a permit to non-residents as well as to residents, but does not issue permits to residents that could allow reciprocal concealed carry rights for Vermont residents in other states.