Monday, February 18, 2008

Ron Paul for Congress

Ron Paul for Congress!

It would be a shame if Dr. Paul's bid for the presidency lost him his seat in Congress. We need Ron Paul and folks like him on Capitol Hill. He votes the Constitution, every time. The support he has garnered in his presidential run should carry over into support for his programs in the legislature.

Dr. Paul is being challenged in the upcoming Texas Republican Primary. Do what you can to help keep him in the Congress.

Ron Paul for Congress


Sailorcurt said...

He votes the Constitution, every time.

Those are some pretty strong words.

Although I agree that he's about as good as it gets in DC, he's not perfect.

And don't give me his lame "I'm just trying to get some of the tax money back for my constituents" line. Either he ALWAYS votes constitutionally or he doesn't.

He threw gun owners under the bus by voting against "Protection of Lawful Commerce in Firearms" on Constitutional grounds...but he seems reticent to do the same for those upon whose votes he depends for re-election.

I'm not saying that makes him as bad or "the same" as other politicians, but it does make him somewhat less than the second coming that he's touted to be by some.

Paul supporters would resonate much better with average voters if they'd get off the "Ron Paul is the savior of the world" kick. That kind of blind fanaticism scares normal people (like me).

There's only been one perfect human being in the history of the world and Ron Paul is not Him.

Sailorcurt said...

Upon re-reading my post, it strikes me that I came on a little strong.

I'm not implying that you're one of the fanatics...sorry if it came across that way.

But they are definitely out there and they tend to do more harm than good to Dr. Paul's campaign.

JR said...

No, Ron Paul is not perfect. I have more than one disagreement with his views and his actions. That is why I could not support him for President.

But, I firmly believe that his voice on Capitol Hill is an important one, and I would like to see him remain in office.

Are you going to campaign against any and all VA representatives who grabbed some earmark money for your state?

All pork barrel spending should stop, not just the earmarks.

Sailorcurt said...

Are you going to campaign against any and all VA representatives who grabbed some earmark money for your state?

Nope...that wasn't my point. Although I'd much prefer representatives that can keep their hand out of the cookie jar, I support the one I've got because she is much superior to any alternatives that have run against her. But I'd never contend that she does anything "every time".

Again, I wasn't trying to accuse you of being one of the fanatics, my initial comment just unintentionally came across that way.

I agree with you about keeping Paul in congress...especially considering the support he's garnered as a Presidential contender. His profile...and thereby his message...has gained considerable celebrity as a result.

My only bone of contention was the statement that he always votes constitutionally. Absolutes are dangerous things because they are so easy to refute.

That one statement just sounded eerily like the pronouncements of the aforementioned fanatics.

TheBronze said...

Ron Paul! is a loon.