Monday, August 27, 2007

A New Gun Store

It has become a common occurrence, news of another gun shop being shut down. It is nice to hear of new ones starting up.

From The Sierra Vista Herald:

By Shar Porier

BISBEE — “Everyone who walks in my front door is my new best friend until you make it otherwise.”

That’s what David Greenberg, the owner of the new gun store in the San Jose District of Bisbee, tells customers who come through the door.

David Greenberg, owner of Second Ammendment Family GunShop in the San Jose area of Bisbee, places a Baretta .22 pistol in a display case. The new store has been open for one month. (Mark Levy Herald/Review)
The Second Amendment Family GunShop on Highway 92 has seen a steady stream of customers since opening July 3, after months of renovations to meet strict standards of security required by the Department of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF).

“I had to install a number of security features to meet the requirements — bars on the windows, fireproof safe and an alarm system. I also added some additional security measures on my own. I went above and beyond what they asked,” he said.

He also had to acquire a federal fire arms license.

But, he says the time and effort was worth it...
I wish Mr. Greenberg the best of luck and success at this endeavor.

The Sierra Vista Herald is one of the ever increasing online news sources that allow commentary to their articles. Most of the comments were very positive, and one even mentioned Red's Trading Post. This particular comment, even though positive in intent, really raised my hackles.

From Wayne Mills - retired police officer, Oklahoma:
" I really have respect for the state of Arizona and its outlook on citizens carrying fire arms. I was stopped on traffic out side of Sierra Vista after visiting my wife's son at the army base there. The officer saw a bulge under my shirt tail and knew it was a fire arm. I showed him my Okla. retired officers CCW permit and wished me well and made no arrest. Some states would have! Hard to belive that some officers arrest brother officers for wanting to protect their families, Arizona does not! Wayne Mills "
The deeply ingrained sense of entitlement in that one short comment is very offensive to me. He is expressing wonder that he was not treated as he would treat a non officer? Well Wayne, what I find hard to believe is that some officer arrest fellow free citizens for wanting to protect their families.

What is just as bad is the fact that this ex LEO carries without knowing the legality of his decision.

What started out as "Oh cool, a new gun store" turned into a rant against the mindset of an "only one"


Fits said...

"David Greenberg, owner of Second Ammendment (sic) Family GunShop in the San Jose area of Bisbee, places a Baretta (sic) ... in a display case."

Always good to see a new shop. Why he'd put Robert Blake in a display case is beyond me but to each his own.

the pistolero said...

The deeply ingrained sense of entitlement in that one short comment is very offensive to me.
Rest assured, my Texas brother, you are not the only one. I'll take support for the RKBA anywhere I can get it, but it's offensive indeed when some people apparently think they're more equal because they once wore a badge and a blue uniform when folks like you and me probably shoot more than a month than they did in a year.

Anonymous said...

"The deeply ingrained sense of entitlement..."

That is pervasive in the LEO community. I have a family member who cherishes her privileges over "civilians" to buy in other states, carry in Manhattan, carry on a plane, etc, etc, etc. She also thinks it would be dangerous and inappropriate for non-LEOs to be granted these privileges. Apparently she was granted wisdom and capabilities beyond mere "citizens" when hired by her federal agency.

I'm still a better shot than she is, and still safer when handling my firearms, but she still thinks I should't be extended even the basic right of concealed carry without federal/state LEO credentials.

This mindset is new since she joined her agency, and you'll never influence her opinion with reason.