Thursday, August 16, 2007

The War on Guns: Bradys Call for National Protest on Aug. 28

As most of you know, Jesse Jackson and the Brady Bunch are calling on the anti's to participate in anti gun marches and demonstrations on August 28th. These shrill , egotistical, and often blissfully ignorant organisers have received a fairly large amount of free publicity. Our side, on the other hand, quietly go about our business working hard to protect all of our rights. David, over at The War on Guns, recommends that we all go out and purchase a box of ammo on the 28th in this post:

Bradys Call for National Protest on Aug. 28

I agree with David that:

It'd be nice unintended consequences for the Brady's if we could demonstrate a few percentage points of sales increases on that day because of this.
Jeff from the Firearms Coalition is calling for a National Exercise Your Rights Day:

Reverend Jesse Jackson is calling on citizens to exercise their First Amendment rights by participating in anti-gun/anti-violence protest marches in 25 cities nationwide on that day. The Firearms Coalition echoes that call to supporters of the Second Amendment, encouraging them to exercise their rights by purchasing a firearm or ammunition on August 28.
Jeff continues with:

The Firearms Coalition is further encouraging local groups to stage active counter-protests, picnics, and marches to clearly demonstrate that a majority of Americans support all civil rights for all citizens, not the watered-down, pick-and-choose version of civil rights advocated by Jackson and his RainbowPush coalition.
I would like to get the word out to as many gun owners and firearm stores as possible. Prior to the 28th, I will publish a list of any and all ammunition and firearms dealers who will offer a special on the 28th of August. Not only that, but I will make every effort to get the story published in the local papers and news media of these dealers.

Get the word out, let your suppliers know what is going on, and let me know of any that agree to offer some sort of special on August 28th.

If we can get enough interest, we can make the antis think twice about these nation wide protests.

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Fits said...

Good idea. To make the 28th something for our side to remember and take the wind out of their sails. I'll be posting something about this, haven't decided precisely what but count me in.