Monday, August 20, 2007

Women's Pistol Class

Tiger Valley is offering a one day Women's Pistol Class on Saturday, Sept. 8th. I mention this because V will be attending this course. This will be her first taste of formal instruction, and I trust that TJ will do his usual excellent job of introducing new students to defencive shooting. Comments from women who have attended this class are all positive, and indicated that they had a good time while learning a bit about pistol craft. As a bonus, husbands (or partners) of the students will be able to utilize one of Tiger Valley's empty pistol bays during the course.

Course description:
This one-day pistol class for women is designed to introduce women to conflict situations that they might encounter. Class discussions will cover topics such as conflict avoidance, the human target, basic ballistics, how to choose a weapon, and safety. After this, we will discuss grip stance and trigger control along with sight picture and trigger squeeze.

Once on the range, we will shoot at distances that women are likely to encounter threats. No shooting will be past 7 yards. Shooters will fire single, 2 shots, and five shot exercises. Shooters will also move and shoot, and shoot at multiple targets. After the day on the range we will move to room clearing exercise and live fire in the shoot house. Having taught SWAT teams, I can say for a fact that women excel at this phase. Tiger Valley will supply food at lunch.
I have taken a 3 day course with TJ and highly recommend him as an instructor. This promises to be a fast paced course that will give a woman basics that she can work upon on her home range.

If you are a woman in North Texas, and you are interested in learning a bit about using a firearm for personal protection, then this class is for you.


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