Monday, August 06, 2007

Wines By JR

Along with firearms, I also enjoy art, food and wine. I do pretty much all the cooking in our house, and with this evenings dinner, I found a wine worthy of a gun blog.

Let me introduce you to the 2004 Gunslingers Shiraz.


Gunslingers is a Barossa Valley (Australia) Shiraz vinted by Rolff Binder and Kevin Mitchell. I have enjoyed Rolff Binder wines before, this is the first I have had of their collaboration.

This is one great Shiraz, top shelf if you would. In the glass it is a deep, deep purple and shows good legs (the rivulets that show on the glass after you swirl the wine). This is a very full bodied Shiraz that improves with bit of breath. I would recommend decanting for a half hour or so before serving. Each sip fills the mouth and then the senses with a wide variety of impressions. This wine was aged in both American and French Oak, the Oak was a subtle component of the overall experience. I very much enjoyed this Shiraz.

This evening's dinner included steak shish kabobs and a vegetable gratin that included egg plant and various summer squash. The kabobs were doused with a black pepper sauce, and the gratin had a hint of red pepper. The peppery aspect of Gunslingers went well with dinner. but the best part was sipping after dinner was finished.

Robert Parker gave Gunslingers 92-94 points, as did The Wine Advocate. I'll give it a "highly recommended" The importer states that this wine will hold for 12 to 15 years, and I expect that it will. I will be buying a few bottles to add to my little cellar.

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