Friday, April 17, 2009

As Promised...

...some gun related images from the Tea Party Rally:

Go here to view all the images I took at this rally.

In comments to an earlier post on the Arlington Tea Party, Paul had a couple important observations that are worth sharing now:

I went to the tea party and was impressed by the crowd. I observed for the first time in history, normal people who work for a living actually demonstrate.

After my return to this country from Vietnam, I saw the great unwashed demonstrators of the Vietnam era, the unemployed, and so called students doing their thing just because they had free time and nothing better to do or because of personal cowardice.

I also noted when people left they did not leave all their trash cluttering the grounds. These are the type of people that made America great and will keep America great. Sory I missed you, keep up the good work
The people who showed up to the Tea Parties are just folk. No one was bussed in from homeless shelters to boost attendance. The people at these rallies either had to take time off from work, or wait until they got off of work to attend. The Arlington rally started at 4:30, people were still showing up in droves at 5:45. The fire engine did not have to flake out any fire hose to keep the crowds in check. No riot gear was required by the police. When the rally was over, the grounds were clean. We may be upset with the way things are going, but we are still good and decent folk who just want our voices heard.

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Old NFO said...

Thanks for the pics and the update. A common thread I've been reading is polite, clean, everyday citizens, who cleaned up when the left (unlike the