Wednesday, April 15, 2009

We Have Just...

...gotten home from dinner with friends following the Arlington Tax Day Tea Party.

It is time for bed. I have lots of images of the folks at the Tea Party and a few thoughts on the event. Just don't have time to post them tonight.

So, until tomorrow, good eve.


Bob S. said...

Enjoyed meeting you and V at the Tea Party yesterday.

The turnout was fantastic. Took me 25 minutes just to get out of the park.

Looking forward to the write up on the activities

Crucis said...

JR, I used your poster. You can see the pic at


Todd said...

I need pics or videos. Jump over and see mine.
Take Care

Robert Langham said...

Nice job covering the rally! The Tyler Tea Party is up at mine, plus the video. This is a rare moment in a precious grassroots movement. I'm proud to have been there.