Monday, April 27, 2009

We are Scaring the Columnist'

A Star Telegram Columnist, Bob Ray Sandars, used his weekend column to talk about the increased sales in firearms and ammunition.

The title pretty much lets you know what direction he is headed with this column:

So who is it that is really afraid? Firearm owning Texans, or Bob Ray Sanders? After commenting on the increased sales, and spitting out a couple derogatory comments about gun owners in general, Bob Ray states:

...This news is disturbing to me, for I’ve never understood this country’s obsession with guns long after we supposedly conquered the great frontier.

This craziness to own not one gun but many, to have an arsenal instead of a single squirrel- or deer-hunting rifle, to store up years’ worth of ammunition, I simply don’t get.

I must admit this scares me, especially when I hear that some of these people are preparing for war against their own government just in case it gets out of control and someone even thinks about trying to take their guns.

The real scary part came when I checked with the Texas DPS and found there has been a huge spike in applications for licenses to carry a concealed handgun. This news is doubly upsetting when you think that there is a movement in the state to allow concealed weapons on college campuses.
I guess I could have titled this post "Fear and Loathing in Fort Worth Texas".

In trying to make his point, and get one more dig in at gun owners, Bob Ray posts some very encouraging statistics:

In 2008, a total of 104,938 applications were submitted for original and renewed licenses to carry concealed handguns, with the major spike coming after the November election. This year, just through March 13, there have been 31,741 requests for permits to carry, DPS records show.

More than 13,200 applications were received in January, compared with 7,720 in January 2008. And in the first 13 days of March, there were 5,923 requests for licenses.
Almost doubling the number of CHL applications year over year, that is great news.

After that one bright note, he is back to the fear and loathing talk. Maybe not fear, just loathing.

This has long been a country with too many guns, and this latest trend in sales and licenses to carry is disturbing indeed.

It is hard for me to believe that people are that afraid of this president, a possible change in gun laws or a government they argue is becoming more "socialist."

I’m certainly more afraid — of them.
I am fairly certain that Bob Ray does not fear CHL holders in any physical sense. He knows about the federal, state and local background checks all CHL holders have to pass prior to being issued a license. He is also aware of the lack of crime being perpetrated by CHL holders, as he would be the first to comment on it where it to be happening.

I think what Bob Ray might be afraid of is the fact that CHL holders make one heck of a voting block, and we are not going to be voting for the leftist candidates and programs that he supports.

As for the real reasons why more and more folks are getting CHL's and learning how to protect themselves, maybe Bob Ray should read the paper that he writes for. Our justice system is releasing just as many violent goblins as it incarcerates. Violent criminals are walking our streets. A free man or woman does what they can to protect themselves and those they love from violence. A firearm just happens to be the most efficient tool for that particular job.


Anonymous said...

The only answer to a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.
I ocasionally read Sanders and he is no dummy, but he is infected with the same irrational fear of an inanimate object as most liberals. He cannot be educated,
"don't confuse me with the facts. my mind is made up" seems to be his belief. I always believed that WE THE PEOPLE are the government not the servants we send to Washington. Sanders should also consider that when the people fear the govt. thats tyranny when the govt. fears the people, thats a Republic. It could also be pointed out to him that there is no such thing as "gun crime" only crime using a gun as the tool, or knife, or club, etc. It helps my sanity at times to recall a wise man saying that at 19 if you are not a liberal you have no heart. At 30 if you are not a conservative you have no brain. In the final analysis there is really only one difference between a liberal and a conservative. ONE MUGGING. Try to keep dry this week.

Old NFO said...

Concur JR- This guy wants all sheep that trundle along with his agenda! Good to see the carry permits climb, they are doing so nationwide I believe!

dw said...

i have known of BR for many years now. i remember when he was on the radio and mentioned one day that he and his "very young" son were in a store shopping. they saw someone shoplift but did not say a word. according to BR he felt that the person "needed" the things that they took. and all of this in front of his son. the guy is not smart at all. he's what is wrong with this country. i read the article also. i also read the article about the cheasapeke gas company's ceo ripping off the company. BR didn't have a word to say about that. JERK! and liberal swine.

Crucis said...

It seems that Bob Ray and some other leftists are beginning to understand that there is a point where we won't be pushed. There is a large and growing segment of the nation that understands that government will continue to gobble our freedom, earnings and rights unless there is a countering group to stop them.

A population that is armed for self defense is a population that will not be controlled. That is a fact the leftist are discovering.

Anonymous said...

Boo F**'n Hoo.
Let's change the baby's diaper, give him a bottle & a burp & send him to the security of his room. There the big bad gun-totin' boogie man won't scare him.

Ya' know, I don't mind that there are people in this world who are uncomfortable around guns, and don't want to have anything to do with them. That's their right to NOT have a gun, if they so personally choose. Live & let live, and to each his own.
But when those same people try to take away MY rights to have a gun, that's when the situation has gone too far. It's time to b-slap these idiot whiners & re-introduce them to the scary real world.

B Woodman
SSG (Ret) U S Army

TexasFred said...

My best guess?? He didn't have anything else to wite on...

If you can't find anything else, post crybaby BS about gun owners...

TexasFred said...

Write on... My typo... Sorry

Rabbit said...

I'm not afraid of Bob Ray. Of course, by extension, I'm not afraid of tools.


clampe said...

One of my co-workers sent a reply letter to the Startelegram. They posted most of it online. They deleted the 1st two paragraphs. The substance still remains though.

John R said...


That is an excellent letter. I would be happy to post the 1st two paragraphs if your associate wishes.

My email is in the profile.