Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Update on the Lautenberg Anti Gun Show Bill

The text of the bill is not yet posted, but we do have a bill number to identify it. S. 843 is "A bill to establish background check procedures for gun shows."

S. 843 was introduced with 11 Cosponsors:

Sen Cardin, Benjamin L.

Sen Durbin, Richard

Sen Feinstein, Dianne

Sen Gillibrand, Kirsten E. (isn't this the same Kirsten Gillibrand everyone was sending money to because she was such a pro-gun Democrat?)

Sen Kennedy, Edward M.

Sen Kerry, John F.

Sen Levin, Carl

Sen Menendez, Robert

Sen Reed, Jack

Sen Schumer, Charles E.

Sen Whitehouse, Sheldon

This is going to be tough. For the past year or so the media has been spewing forth the lie that American Gun Shows are helping arm Mexican Drug Gangs. The Republican candidate for president in the last election won the Republican Primaries as an unrepentant supporter of legislation such as this. Well, not just a supporter, but an advocate who had introduced a similar bill not that very long ago.

More as I get it.


Old NFO said...

Yep, first round out of the box... It will be interesting to see how many democrats sign on to this.

dw said...

and it will be illegal for newspapers to run classified ads for firearms. we are in big trouble.

Crucis said...

The KC Star won't and hasn't for years, published ads for private sales of guns---only dealer. Five years ago the ads for Guns and related items ran 12-20 column inches. Now it's barely 6 column inches.

And the print media STILL doesn't understand why they're heading the way of the dinosaurs...

Anonymous said...

You can follow the progress of this bill at: